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New Definitions of National & Global Security

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Strategic Demands / StratDem

GreenPolicy360 is associated with Strategic Demands online.

Both projects were developed to look more closely at 'greening' politics, security issues, opportunities and problems within a fast-approaching 360° connected world and Internet era.

Strategic Demands of the 21st Century A New Vision for a New World.png

Based upon an initial "Strategic Demands of the 21st Century" policy paper, a "Surviving Victory" conference was organized in Washington DC to propose new definitions of national and global security.

From the 2006 Green Institute/Global Policy forum and subsequent launch of GreenPolicy360 and eOS network, we have continued to offer a wide array of work online drawing together Strategic Demands & GreenPolicy360.

Environmental Security ↔ National Security ↔ Global Security,_National_Security

A Thin Blue Layer protecting the home planet -- Strategic Demands online, GreenPolicy's associate

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