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Strategic Demands

New Definitions of National Security

GreenPolicy360 & Strategic Demands
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Green Politics, Over Five Decades of Organizing and Activism for Environmental Security


Green Politics: In the 1970s/80s Out in Front of Nuclear Weapons Reduction

Continuing Decades of Advocacy for Sane Nuclear Arms Treaties and Non-proliferation

Strategic Demands of the 21st Century

The clock is ticking and for decades now we, the founders, strategists and activists from Strategic Demands and GreenPolicy360, have worked to put forward a new security vision, new ways of seeing, new definitions of national security.

The mutual threats of global climate change and a renewed nuclear arms race have risen in the last two decades of the 20th Century to become existential challenges, threatening to life on earth as we know it. We have attempted to point out the gravity of the threats that are multiplying and cascading on our watchโ€ฆ The international community is, decades after the first National Climate Act, attempting to act in concert and confront these security threats. The actions are limited and far from reaching the effectiveness needed. A great shift is needed, a shift in how the U.S. and all nations consider security, how we define national and global security, and how together we must confront the #ClimateChange crisis and its approaching devastating impact.




Gaza-Israel War Worsens as It Expands

The Costs of War Extend Far from Today's Fighting, Bombing and Death Count
The Term "Blowback" Is Used to Describe Consequences that Follow in the Days and Years After


October Disaster in the Mideast

Israel reacts to UN - Oct 25.jpg


Mideast Disaster Escalates

The violence in the Mideast is now focused, as of October 2023, in Israel and Gaza, after months of political turmoil and conflicts throughout the 'West Bank'... and extending to Lebanon, Egypt, and Jordan... and to Iran and multiplying throughout nations, regions, and religions of the world.

The roots of conflicts in the Mideast continue into present times, escalating generational violence. The weapons of proliferation, including nuclear weapons, have produced more fear of catastrophe, "Armageddon", and talk of the "End Times" as seen by extreme religious voices -- orthodox, reform, evangelical, west and east, north and south.

The region called a birthplace of religion has come to project beliefs counter to most faith's professions of peace, even as we now see outliers in faith denominations going nationalistic. What is being said is that the result of seeming perpetual conflict and war is ominous. The results of the current conflict, spread across the media, are visible in every corner of Earth.

Now let's go online with the most popular open-source 'encyclopedia' on the World Wide Web.

Via Wikipedia, let's consider perspectives of critical issues...

For reference:

An October Disaster in the Mideast


Putin touts solidarity with China in Xiโ€™s pitch for new world order as crisis grips Middle East

Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping discussed the conflict in the Middle East during a meeting on the sidelines of the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing Wednesday, according to the Russian leader โ€“ who said โ€œcommon threatsโ€ brought the two countries closer.

The international gathering, which saw leaders and representatives from countries mostly in the Global South congregate in the Chinese capital, took place under the shadow of war between Israel and militant group Hamas that threatens to escalate into broader regional conflict.

โ€œWe discussed in detail the situation in the Middle East,โ€ Putin said in a press conference. โ€œI informed Chairman (Xi) about the situation that is developing on the Ukrainian track, also quite in detail.โ€

โ€œAll these external factors are common threats, and they strengthen Russian-Chinese interaction...โ€

At Xi Jinping's global Belt and Road summit, 130 countries


With the war in Ukraine, the Russia-China alliance, BRICS, and China's global Belt and Road Initiative as additional context --

Israel - Hamas War

Financial Times Bureau Chief | Reporting from Brussels (Brussels, de facto capital of the European Union, hosting principal EU institutions, including its administrative-legislative, executive-political, and legislative branches)

Rush by west to back Israel erodes developing countriesโ€™ support for Ukraine

Diplomats warn backing for Israeli assault on Gaza has poisoned efforts to build consensus against Russiaโ€™s war ...

October 18

โ€œWe have definitely lost the battle in the Global South,โ€ said one senior G7 diplomat. โ€œAll the work we have done with the Global South [over Ukraine] has been lostโ€‰.โ€‰.โ€‰.โ€‰Forget about rules, forget about world order. They wonโ€™t ever listen to us again.โ€

Many developing countries have traditionally supported the Palestinian cause, seeing it through the prism of self-determination and a push against the global dominance of the US, Israelโ€™s most important backer.

Some American diplomats are privately concerned that the Biden administrationโ€™s response has failed to acknowledge how its broad support of Israel can alienate much of the Global South.

In the Middle East, many Arabs feel that the US and other western powers have never held Israel to account for its treatment of Palestinians, or paid enough attention to brutal conflicts in Syria, Yemen and Libya.

Russia and its ally China have cultivated warm ties with the Palestinians. Russiaโ€™s president Vladimir Putin on Tuesday (Oct 17) met Chinese leader Xi Jinping in Beijing.

โ€œWhat we said about Ukraine has to apply to Gaza. Otherwise we lose all our credibility,โ€ the senior G7 diplomat added. โ€œThe Brazilians, the South Africans, the Indonesians: why should they ever believe what we say about human rights?โ€


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Oil/Gas Profit-taking in a Profitable Year

The Mid- & Long-term Costs of Oil/Gas Emissions Have Yet to Be Calculated

Saudi oil giant Aramco posts record $161.1 billion profit for 2022
Four oil companies had total sales of $1 trillion last year
Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Exxon and Shell all reported record profits in 2022

Oil giant Saudi Aramco has reported earning $161bn last year, claiming the highest-ever recorded annual profit by a publicly listed company and drawing immediate criticism from activists.

The monster profit by the firm, known formally as the Saudi Arabian Oil Co., came off the back of energy prices rising after Russia launched its war on Ukraine in February 2022, with sanctions limiting the sale of Moscowโ€™s oil and natural gas in Western markets.

Externalities | Environmental full-cost accounting | Earth Right Now | Climate Change

Earth Science Vital Signs | Climate News | Climate Plans Enforcement - Resources

Fossil Fuels | Climate Policies | Environmental Laws | Planet Citizen Action


The Movement and the Madman - PBS - March 2023.png


The Movement and the 'Madman'


The documentary film tells the little-known story of a dramatic showdown between a protest movement and a president

The Vietnam Moratorium mobilization of October-November 1969 is revealed to have politically influenced and stopped US President Nixon from using nuclear weapons

Doomsday Machine-Daniel Ellsberg-Recalling the Vietnam Moratorium Oct-Nov 1969.jpg



Sanctions Bite

Ukraine tension January 21 2022.png



War Between Russia, Ukraine: Risks of Expansion

War Between Nuclear Weapons States?
Fact: There is NO Winning a Nuclear Exchange, NO Winning with Nuclear Weapons

As years of nuclear weapons drawdowns of arsenals, now comes a heating up of nuclear weapons tensions as hard-earned global nuclear treaties collapse like dominoes...

We watch as experts on nuclear weapons express their deep concerns. Here, in early 2022 we point to Professor Tom Nichols on his last day at a U.S War College as he accepts his medal and begins the next phase of his life. Here is one of his posts...

>Tom Nichols (@RadioFreeTom) Tweeted:

I wrote a book on nukes in 2015. This is the excerpt on the logic of flexible response. Again, think of it now as the Russians, through their own malevolence and stupidity, today being where NATO was 40 years ago. And think hard before hand-waving at escalatory concerns. /10x


Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin: Step back from the brink....

Order the ambassadors to talk security. Real security. War involving nuclear-armed states will never bring real security...

Blinken-Lavrov - Jan 21 2022.jpg

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Doomsday Clock: 2022

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Strategic Demands / StratDem

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Strategic Demands

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GreenPolicy360 & Strategic Demands:

Security for Today and Tomorrow's World ๐ŸŒŽ
Protecting Democracy from 'Backsliding'
Interconnected/international Security
"Eco-nomics", Sustainable Development
Interactive Networking, Digital Rights

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New Definitions of National & Global Security

New Definitions of National Security

Strategic Demands of the 21st Century A New Vision for a New World.png

Strategic Demands grew from an initial "Strategic Demands of the 21st Century" policy paper and "Surviving Victory" conference organized in Washington DC to propose new definitions of national and global security.

From the 2006 Green Institute/Global Policy forum and subsequent launch of GreenPolicy360 and eOS network, we have continued to offer a wide array of work drawing together GreenPolicy360 & Strategic Demands.

File:Strategic Demands of the 21st Century, a New Vision re Surviving Victory conf.pdf

Environmental Security โ†” National Security โ†” Global Security

New Definitions of National Security @ GreenPolicy360

Environmental Security @ GreenPolicy360

Environmental Security, National Security

"ThinBlue" ... The thin blue atmosphere protecting the home planet

'Thin Blue Layer' of Earth's Atmosphere 2.jpg

Strategic Demands / GreenPolicy360

New Definitions of National Security.png

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Environmental Security News

Strategic Demands / Links

Center for Climate Security

Environmental Health Sciences-Climate


Environment 360


Grist-Climate & Energy

Institute for Environmental Diplomacy & Security

Institute for Environmental Security

Millenium Project

Earth Right Now

NASA Climate

NASA 'Scientific-consensus' on Climate Change

Natural Resources Defense Council

Nonproliferation Review

Physicians for Social Responsibility

Oil Change International

Stockholm Environment Institute

Sustainable Security

Truman National Security Project

Wilson Center-Environmental Change & Security

Wilson Center-New Security Beat

Global Security News

Arms Control Association

Arms Control Wonk

">Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Common Dreams-War & Peace

Daily Beast-World


Defense Tech

Department of Defense/US

Dollars and Sense

Fabius Maximus

Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy in Focus

Global Security

Foundation for Middle East Peace

GreenPolicy-DigitalRights-OpenGov Links

History News Network


Inter Press Service

International Peace & Conflict Org

John Brownโ€™s Public Diplomacy

Just Foreign Policy

Just Security

Lawfare-Hard National Security Choices

Los Alamos Study Group

Middle East Research and Information Project

National Security Archive

NATO Watch

Nuclear Diner

Nuclear Information Service

Nuclear World Project

Nuke Watch

Open Democracy


Peace News/Progressive Review

People's Daily Online


Project on Government Oversight



Restricted Data-Nuclear Secrecy

RT-'Russia Today'


Talking Points Memo

Secrecy News/FAS

Sustainable Security

The Atlantic-Fallows

The Interpreter by Lowy Institute (AU)



Union of Concerned Scientists

UCS All Things Nuclear

Voltaire Net

War in Context

Washington Note

World Politics Review

Strategic Organizations

Acronymn Institute for Disarmament Diplomacy

American Security Project

Aspen Strategy Group

Atlantic Council

Bonn International Center for Conversion

British American Security Information Council

Bรถll Foundation

Brookings Institute

Brookings Arms Control and Non-Proliferation Initiative

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Carnegie International Nuclear Policy Conference

Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation

Center for International Policy

Center for New American Security

Center for Nonproliferation Studies, Monterey Institute for International Studies

Center for Security Studies

Center for Strategic and International Studies

Chatham House

Council for a Livable World

Federation of American Scientists

Geneva Centre for Security Policy

Global Security Institute

Global Zero

Institute for Economics and Peace

International Center on Nonviolent Conflict

International Crisis Group

International Institute for Strategic Studies-IISS

International Law and Policy Institute

International Studies Association

James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies

New America Foundation

New America-Open Technology Institute

Nuclear Security Project

Nuclear Threat Initiative

Oxford Research Group

Peace Research Institute

Peter Peterson Foundation


Reaching Critical Will

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

Truman National Security Project

Unfold Zero

World Institute for Nuclear Security

World Policy Institute


A Clash of Political Systems & Global Economics

Democracy in Danger, Authoritarian Governments Extend Influence

International Relations and Agreements Break Down


Looking Back, Looking Forward

From the mid-1960s to the second decade of the 21st Century

Fifty + years of educating, organizing and personal activism

Origins of '

Steven J Schmidt / GreenPolicy360 Siterunner: The initial volley of arguments made by your GreenPolicy360 and Strategic Demands founder can be traced back to the mid-1960s and a meeting with a newly elected California Congressman -- George E Brown.

"My Friend George" --

In his rumpled suits and quiet way George E. Brown moved to form coalitions few thought could be formed and garnered support for the first set of U.S. Congressional acts that served as foundation legislation for decades of green progress.

It started in East Los Angeles. We were called a 'barrio', but we were a launchpad, yes we were...

The First Earth Day: Personal Memories by Steven Schmidt of George's Role

Congressman Brown's work advanced environmental air quality and clean air legislation. He introduced the nation's first bill to ban lead in gasoline and was at the forefront of the Clean Air Act. He attacked Los Angeles smog, some of the worst air quality of any city in the world at the time and the air standards that came out of California became models worldwide. He succeeded in clean air and water efforts, though rarely given credit given his quiet approach to accomplishing big picture goals.

SMOG be gone.jpg


EPA History

George was a key player in legislation founding the Environmental Protection Agency.

As the LA Times noted (without pomp or circumstance) in George's obituary in 1999: "He championed the creation of the federal Environmental Protection Agency". The creation of the EPA was in many ways Congressman George Brown's vision achieved..."

Environmental Protection Agency logo.png

The founding of the EPA was based on new realizations of science and the environment. The vision of the "Whole Earth" that began with unprecedented Apollo photos on the cover of Life magazine in January 1969 led to a coming together of education, students 'teach-ins', scientific space missions studying earth systems for the first time, and popular demands for environmental protections.

A leader and a chairperson on the House science committee for over 30 years, George legislatively engineered an array of science efforts, including one that greens look to as prescient -- climate science.

From California to the World

GreenPolicy360 Siterunner: In the early years of the modern environmental movement, a conscious effort was made to construct a foundation of environmental laws and regulations on which a multi-year environmental protection framework could be built. Your GreenPolicy360 founder was one of those who believed in this constructive paradigm, using model legislation that could be locally developed, often in our state of California, then shared, 'exported' as we used to say, 'to the Feds' for adoption at the national level. The history here provides an ongoing modus operandi from the 60s and 70s until now as we deal with the pressing local, national, and international/global environmental threats and crises. We, at GreenPolicy360, call this "green best practices". Best practices is a model for sharing, networking, building on success and action. Templates and models, best practices made openly available, are our plans for having multiplier effects -- and it is our ongoing mission. A strong and resilient legal foundation and framework of environmental laws is an essential part of our overall work. We encourage you to join in as citizens of every nation, within your multiple and diverse legal systems and, we must add, as planet citizens.

George Brown, Sci Com't.jpg

When Congressman Brown drafted originating legislation establishing a national climate change research program via the National Climate Program Act of 1978, the scientific community and nation were just beginning to awaken to a new national security threat. I remember his concern, our concern. He was trained as a scientist, an engineer, with an ability to see facts and data sets in a way others could not.

Representative Brown was out in front of "Big Science". In his decades on the House Science, Space & Technology Committee, he worked to expand the reach of science. He knew that good data enabled good policy decisions. He pressed for first-generation earth science satellites and ongoing earth monitoring missions and data sharing.

Among his many initiatives, George Brown was a key figure in proposing, establishing, and then saving the Landsat program and its unique 'open-access' database of Earth Science imaging when President Reagan attempted to shut Landsat down. Landsat was a model for all the following earth science research missions from space and is now moving into its fifth decade with Landsat 9.

Earth Science Research from Space

Landsat and Virginia Tower Norwood

Multispectral scanner image of Yosemite Half Dome - collection of Virginia Tower Norwood.jpg

Earth/Space Science, Landsat Update: April 2021

SJS/GreenPolicy360 Siterunner:

A tip of our GreenPolicy360 hat to George E. Brown Jr who envisioned the Landsat's mission, the beginning of earth imaging and open access to the data and as a science leader in the US Congress supported, expanded and protected the earth science mission over the decades. The launch now, in April 2021, of Timelapse by Google Earth realizes a next step in George's decades-long quest to bring knowledge of our home planet to all citizens.

Vietnam Moratorium Committee-Documentary Intro.jpg

Looking Back: @USC organizing the California anti-war movement/a USC Cinema Dept. film of the Moratorium



Earth Day Flag.png

A Whole Earth Point of View --

Christina Korp Earth Day and Apollo 8.jpg

Steven Schmidt, GreenPolicy360 Siterunner....
DYK? Yes, we do, we remember the beginnings !

Beginnings of the Modern Environmental Movement




On the 50th Anniversary

Memories on the Road to the First Earth Day

By Steve Schmidt



ClimateNews 360.jpg

SJS/GreenPolicy360: "We are the first generation to scientifically and systemically monitor the 'Vital Signs' of the Earth. Let us work now to expand our vision and act to protect Earth's living systems. The well-being of future generations is in our hands."

GreenPolicy360 and Strategic Demands

GreenPolicy360's origins connect deeply with Strategic Demands. The intersection began in the 1960s, with a new Congressman, George E. Brown from East Los Angeles and a young debater, a high school student who set in motion with the Congressman a multi-year journey to develop climate/environmental science and generational activism and strong, deep opposition to nuclear weapons.

Here is a quick snapshot of where our connections and work have led and links you can follow with our group of founders.... relationships and ideas carried forward from the 1960s and 70s and going strongly today.

We are diverse mix, across the globe now with the Internet, many voices, colors, ages, especially young people joining in. GreenPolicy360 and Strategic Demands.... including Steve Schmidt, George E. Brown, Dan Ellsberg, Jerry Brown, Roger Morris, and Charlene Spretnak.

Welcome along... green, environmental, national and global.... strongly confronting and working to solve our generation's existential challenges. Reaching across our home planet, touching and interacting with planet citizens, looking to share solutions to the pressing problems and challenges of our generation.

Links to voices of StratDem/GreenPolicy360 include --

Steve Schmidt

George E. Brown

Dan Ellsberg

The Movement and the Madman - PBS - March 2023.png

Gov. Jerry Brown

Roger Morris

StratDem logo.png

Roger Morris - speaking at the Washington DC Green Institute conference.jpg

File:Surviving Victory WashingtonDC conf 09 12 06.pdf

File:Surviving Victory conf Sept20,2006.pdf

Strategic Demands of the 21st Century A New Vision for a New World.jpg


More from Strategic Demands and GreenPolicy360:

Dove of peace s.jpg


1992 Presidential Campaign

Governor Edmund (Jerry) Brown Brings Forward a Diverse Eco-nomic/Environmental Platform

SJS / Advancing a presidential campaign, your GreenPolicy360 siterunner worked with the Governor to draft the 'we the people' campaign platform, taking new ideas into the U.S. presidential debate to press the Democratic Party into a progressive direction...

At the Democratic Party Platform Hearings
GreenPolicy360 siterunner Steve Schmidt w/ Calif Gov. Brown
Jerry w Steve '92 pres campaign at the Dem plat hearing m.jpg
Steven Schmidt and Jerry Brown
at the 1992 Democratic platform committee meeting

Jerry Brown's Presidential Campaign Addresses the Dem Platform Com't
Jerry Brown's Presidential Campaign Addresses the Dem Platform Com't 2

Jerry Brown 92 Presidential Platform We the People.jpg


"Platform in Progress"



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