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Environmental Studies Online

Climate Change - Global Warming Keyword-Terms


Today's Visual Trip is an Animation from Red Side

Comparing the Largest Trees on Earth (with accompanying Cosmonaut & Wolf)

“Trees in Perspective” (Watch on YouTube


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Climate Desk: Media Collaboration

Climate Matters in the Newsroom

Free, online program designed to help journalists and meteorologists up their game in incorporating climate change into 'every beat -- writing, journalism, reporting ... data, graphics, story ideas, training

Get going, get the word out -- be on top of the science and the story of our era, #ClimateCrisis

Climate Solutions 101

Presented by Project Drawdown

Videos & graphics you can use... conversations with leading experts... solutions to climate change

  • videos & graphics you can use) and conversations with leading experts, and gets right to the *solutions* to climate change

Drawdown Solution Chart.png


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Rachel Carson ecology - ecosystem.png


Rachel Carson introduces the concept of "ecosystems" (1963)
The modern environmental movement begins to gather momentum...

RACHEL CARSON - 1949.jpg

GreenPolicy360: Eco-politics, eco-systems, it's all related, it's all connected...

It's All Related
Earth Science Eco-Fields

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Teaching Ecological Literacy

As societies search for ways to become more sustainable, Fritjof Capra suggests incorporating the same principles on which nature’s ecosystems operate. In his essay, “Speaking Nature’s Language: Principles for Sustainability” from the book Ecological Literacy, he leaves a blueprint for building a more resilient world on the foundation of natural concepts, such as interdependence and diversity.

Green ideas and writings of Dr. Capra and Charlene Spretnak were keys to the start up of the Green Party: GREEN POLITICS: The Global Promise by Charlene Spretnak and Fritjof Capra

Green Values / "It's All Connected" / Relational Reality by Charlene Spretnak

From the Bioneers / If anyone has learned to speak nature’s language, it is Fritjof Capra. A founding director of the Center for Ecoliteracy and currently chair of its board, he has distinguished himself over the past forty years as a scientist, systems theorist, and explorer of the philosophical and social ramifications of contemporary science.

Introducing Dr. Capra to an overflow audience at a Bioneers Conference plenary, Kenny Ausubel speaks of physics, connectivity, and eco-undertanding:

“One of Fritjof Capra’s greatest gifts is his ability to digest enormous amounts of information from highly complex, wide-ranging fields of inquiry. Not only does he explain them elegantly and clearly, but he distills their essence and sees their implications. Because he’s a credentialed scientist who did his time with particle accelerators all over Europe and the United States, Fritjof never overstates his case or lapses into wishful thinking.”

After receiving his Ph.D. in theoretical physics from the University of Vienna in 1966, Capra did research in particle physics at the University of Paris, the University of California at Santa Cruz, the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Imperial College of the University of London, and the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory at the University of California. He also taught at UC Santa Cruz, UC Berkeley, and San Francisco State University.

He is the author of five international bestsellers: The Tao of Physics (1975), The Turning Point (1982), Uncommon Wisdom (1988), The Web of Life (1996), and The Hidden Connections (2002). He coauthored Green Politics (1984), Belonging to the Universe (1991), and EcoManagement (1993), and coedited Steering Business Toward Sustainability (1995).


Sign up for Michael Mann's classes

Climate Change at EDX, taught by Michael Mann.jpg

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SJS / GreenPolicy360 Siterunner:

"Science and scientific thinking are critically important these days when science and expertise are too often being set aside."

Earth and Space, Politics

"'The Commons', protection and preservation of our home planet] can begin with an Earthrise realization."

The Commons

"Planet citizens, GreenPolicy360 carries forward a Planet Citizen perspective. We are all citizens of Planet Earth."

PlanetCitizen | Planet Citizens

GreenPolicy360 and science, we go together."

Planet Citizens, Planet Scientists

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Let's take a moment from our active lives and, as planet citizens, look back 'at the roots' of environmental, ecological studies. The classics, whole earth, the big picture, a vision of our Earth as our common home:

"This is a critical moment in the Earth’s history. Though reasonable people may debate the causes and disagree about what is to be done, there is little doubt that humanity faces significant, global environmental problems affecting the quality and sustainability of human, and non-human, life on this planet. At such an historical moment, Lawrence and other institutions of higher education have an obligation to respond."

-- "Green Roots" ... Lawrence University, Wisconsin, US

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Dot Earth - 'The Knowosphere'

An Exercise to Sift for Sources Amid a Blitz of Misinformation and Fake News

Tracking the Facts
By Andrew C. Revkin / November 24, 2016

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Environmental Movement in the US


Earth veins.png

GreenPolicy: Modern Environmental Movement

Managing the Environment, Managing Ourselves: A History of American Environmental Policy -- 2006 -- by Richard Andrews

Environmental Policy: New Directions for the 21st Century -- 2012 -- by Norman J Vig, Michael E Kraft

American Environmental Policy: Beyond Gridlock -- 2013 -- by Christopher McGrory Klyza, Christopher David J. Sousa

The "golden era" of American environmental lawmaking in the 1960s and 1970s saw twenty-two pieces of major environmental legislation (including the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Endangered Species Act) passed by bipartisan majorities in Congress and signed into law by presidents of both parties. But since then partisanship, the dramatic movement of Republicans to the right, and political brinksmanship have led to legislative gridlock on environmental issues. In this book, Christopher Klyza and David Sousa argue that the longstanding legislative stalemate at the national level has forced environmental policymaking onto other pathways.

Env policy laws US 'the beginning' of env era.jpg

Wolf eyes.png

A Fierce Green Fire -- 2003 -- by Philip Shabecoff

When the Earth Moved -- April 15, Earth Day

Earth day flag waves.jpg



Periodic Table example of element uses by Keith Enevoldsen-a.png

Follow the Climate Scientists (on TW)


March 2021

List Via Dr. Robert Rohde @RARohde @BerkeleyEarth

@picazomario (mostly in Spanish)
@KavehMadani (often in Farsi)
@rahmstorf (often in German)


Green/environmental climate-related organizations

@NatureNews (44), @theAGU



More to follow


Women Earth Scientists


Green Voices of Color


"Climate Desk": A Media Collaboration for Our Time

Climate Desk is a multi-media journalistic collaboration dedicated to exploring the impact—human, environmental, economic, political—of a changing climate. The partners are: The Atlantic, Atlas Obscura, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, CityLab, Grist, The Guardian, High Country News, HuffPost, Medium, Mother Jones, National Observer, Newsweek, Reveal, Slate, The Weather Channel, Undark, Wired and Yale Environment 360.

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Planet Citizens

Time for Planet Citizen Action

Earth in Our Hands.png

Earths two lungs.png

Earth Breathing.jpg



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