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Oh Aurora.png

Photo by NASA Astronaut Josh Cassada (Feb. 2023)

From the International Space Station


Earth 360°

Aurora startime.png

From GreenPolicy360's Facebook page

Sublime, magnificent time lapse short film of northern aurora colors,

particles from the sun intersecting w our planet's atmosphere,

reminder of Earth's life protecting thin blue layer ... and it's very thin

Video Courtesy of Alexis Coram | Play the vid full-screen

Northern Lights ('Aurora borealis' in the north and 'Aurora Australis' in the south), a result of collisions between gaseous particles in the Earth’s atmosphere and charged particles released from the Sun’s atmosphere. The different colours are attributed to different types of gas particles colliding; the most commonly occurring colour, a pale yellow/green, is created by oxygen molecules located about 60 miles above the earth. Nitrogen produces a blue, or purple/read aurora, and the elusively rare red aurora is created by high altitude oxygen.


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