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Governor Brown Closes Climate Summit

California & Planet Labs Inc. join to launch Satellite-Based Technologies to track and attack climate pollutants.

Office of the Governor / September 14, 2018

As the Trump administration attempts to cut and eliminate the EPA and climate-related government programs, California sends a message...

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Global Climate Action Now --- #StepUp2018

At the international climate summit with Gov. Jerry Brown in San Francisco, the state is playing a role none ever has, pushing the rest of the country to join other nations in enforcing a landmark agreement on climate change that President Trump has quit.

The three-day environmental summit will test whether California can bring the country to a place Congress and the White House won’t.

“It is coming at us from all over the planet. Everyone is contributing and everyone has got to do something to combat it. It is a totally unique world challenge, never before faced. There is nothing like this”. Governor Brown on the global challenge and call for action...


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California Builds Bridges to Extend International Cooperation

Global Climate Action Summit

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News from the Climate Summit, September 12-14, 2018

Gov. Brown: Trump administration’s rollback of methane rules ‘insane’

Via the LA Times

How far can California push the nation — and the world? Jerry Brown's climate summit may provide the answer

Via the NY Times

They Defied Trump on Climate Change. Now, It’s Their Moment of Truth

Hours after President Trump announced last year that the United States would exit the Paris climate deal, a broad group of governors, mayors and business executives declared that they would uphold the agreement anyway and continue tackling global warming on their own.
It was a striking move for a coalition of local leaders: Making a case to the rest of the world that they, and not the president, spoke for the nation on climate policy.
The group they created finds itself at a critical juncture, the moment when it shows whether or not it can rise to the task.
“Yeah, there’s pressure,” said Gov. Jerry Brown of California, one of the most visible faces of the movement, known as “We Are Still In.” State and local leaders “are carrying the flag while the big powers, the national guys, are rather somnolent.”

Via The Guardian

Jerry Brown: Trump's 'gross ignorance' main obstacle in climate change fight

California governor is taking the lead in confronting planet’s ‘existential challenge’ and signs bill for carbon-free power by 2045.

California out in front of a green future


Amid Trump admin headwinds, major seeks new ways to fight global warming

With the Trump administration ceding responsibility for combating climate change, global environmental leaders are now turning to regional governments, businesses and individuals for help.

Via the Washington Post

"The California Model": Jerry Brown as statesman on climate

Environmental Defense Fund: Cap and Trade

Global Climate Action Summit Links

Seven Top Climate Action Solutions Presented at the Global Climate Action Summit

California Governor Jerry Brown announces the Global Climate Action Summit

In the City of San Francisco


"We are careering towards the edge of the abyss."

— UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, appealing to world leaders to act on climate change, Global Climate Action Summit, San Francisco #GCAS2018

"If we don’t protect nature, we can’t protect ourselves."

— Harrison Ford #GCAS2018 #GoingGreen

“Look up. Looking up to the sky grounds us, liberates us, connects us & helps us understand the immensity of our role in the universe. We share this planet. We will not survive if we do not share this commitment.”

— Mae Jemison, NASA Astronaut #GCAS2018 #StepUp2018

Climate Action Roadmap

Among multiple plans and reports that identify the speed, scale & solutions needed to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Report: The New Climate Economy


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