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Look at how thin our atmosphere is

Earth Science Research from Space

Earth and Space, Politics



Planet API

Democratization of Space

Earth Right Now

New Definitions of National Security

Environmental protection

The Commons

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Earth Observations

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"Thin Blue"

How thin is Earth's atmosphere?

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CopernicusEU - Sentinel5P Atmosphere Monitoring Mission.png

ESA Earth Observation

June 2022

Sentinel 5P is the first @CopernicusEU mission dedicated to monitoring our atmosphere.

The satellite carries the Tropomi instrument mapping a multitude of trace gases such as nitrogen dioxide, ozone, formaldehyde, sulphur dioxide, methane, carbon monoxide and aerosols.

The European Space Agency CopernicusEU Sentinel 5P mission has a comprehensive and vital role to play in improving our knowledge of important atmospheric processes linked to our climate.


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Climate Plans Enforcement - Resources

National Climate Pledges Must Be Enforced

How to turn each nation's climate pledges into 'effective climate action'
Promises & pledges of international climate summits in Paris (2015) & Glasgow (2021) now require & demand 'climate plans enforcement'
Measuring & monitoring greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions with satellite missions can become a cooperative climate tool 'working nation-by-nation'


Visit GreenPolicy360's "Climate Plans Enforcement" (Project-in-Dev)

(April 2022)

International Climate Agreements

Climate Change Laws Around the World

Climate cases on the rise - Nature, Sept 2021.png

More on Climate e-lawsuits (2021) / Trending litigation


"Climate Change Laws of the World"

Climate Change Laws of the World - database.PNG


Climate Change Laws of the World and Climate Change Litigation of the World build on more than a decade of data collection by the Grantham Research Institute at LSE and the Sabin Center at Columbia Law School.'

Climate Change Laws of the World covers national-level climate change legislation and policies globally. The database covers climate and climate-related laws, as well as laws and policies promoting low carbon transitions, which reflects the relevance of climate policy in areas including energy, transport, land use, and climate resilience.

Climate Change Laws via Grantham Institute (Current)
2019 'Snapshot': Climate-related lawsuits are rapidly increasing
Trends in Climate Change Legislation (2017)


Global Trends in Climate Change Litigation


Climate Watch Pathways

Via World Resources Institute

Data Lab -

Data Platforms -

Open Data Portal - -

Resource Library -

Permissions & Licensing -

Climate Analysis Indicators Tools (CAIT) - WRI Data Update)

Via World Resources Institute / Data

WRI believes that good data is the foundation of good decision-making. We produce data sets, data platforms and data-based tools, which we make freely available through our open data commitment.

Climate Watch


GreenPolicy360: Next Up, Moving from Intended Climate Actions (INDCs) to Nation-by-Nation, Determined Climate Actions (NDCs)

"The NDC Partnership"

The NDC Partnership is a global initiative to help countries achieve their national climate commitments and ensure financial and technical assistance is delivered as efficiently as possible.

In 2015, the world endorsed the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Nations signal their commitments to the Paris Agreement through Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), which are national plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions and build resilience against the negative effects of a changing climate. However, current NDCs are not ambitious enough to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, threatening the climate, economy and lives of people worldwide.

The NDC Partnership advances the goals of the Paris Agreement by bringing together countries and institutions in new ways to accelerate NDC implementation and enhance ambition over time. Through a country-driven approach, we drive climate action and sustainable development while supporting countries in reducing social and economic inequalities.

The NDC Partnership supports ambition and implementation through mobilizing more than 100 implementing partners to support more than 70 developing countries. Our diverse membership requires a wide variety of support, which we provide through various programs and initiatives...


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