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Rethinking Security in a Changing World:

Thin Blue.jpg

The Thin Blue Layer /

Environmental Security ↔ National Security ↔ Global Security

Earth’s Atmosphere, A Global Trust



Environmental Security, Global Security

"Thin Blue" ... Protecting Our Home Planet


Environmental protection

'Thin Blue Layer' of Earth's Atmosphere 2.jpg

Strategic Demands: Environmental, Global Security
Strategic Demands: A "Thin Blue" Security Horizon

GreenPolicy360: Protecting the "Thin Blue Layer"
Environmental Security / "Thin Blue" Security

New Definitions of National Security.png

"All that stands between life on Earth and the cold, dark void of space..."





Dawning Thin Blue Perspective

Dawn from Space
Fragile edge of our planet
Thin blue line
Mysterious rhythm
Our next breath
Heart struck with wonder
Mind dizzy with awe
-- Astronaut Douglas Wheelock‏ @Astro_Wheels

The Earth's Atmosphere

Approx 4/5 of the atmosphere mass is in the Troposphere,

the Troposphere is in flux, varying between 4 and 12 miles in height

The Earth’s atmosphere has a number of layers. The region we know best, because it is where our weather happens, is the Troposphere. This dense blanket of air five to nine miles thick contains 80 percent of the mass of the atmosphere but only a small fraction of its volume.

Students of the Earth, Planet Citizens, Planet Scientists

The Earth's atmosphere is extremely thin,

a sheet of air extending from the surface of Earth to the edge of space

The total height/thickness of the 'thin blue' atmosphere can be said to be about 62+ miles (100+ km)

How thin is earth's atmosphere.jpg

Earthatmosphere iss23 annotated nasa.jpg

Atmosphere layers ISS sunset 768x432.jpg



"The International Space Station basking in blue Earthshine as the rising sun pierces our razor-thin atmosphere


Earthviews from Astronauts

Planet Citizens

I’ll never forget this place... seeing this makes the heart soar and the soul sing. - Astronaut Doug Wheelock

“I still have trouble comprehending that this impossibly thin blue curve keeps everything alive beneath it.” - Astronaut Reid Wiseman

"Look at how thin our atmosphere is. This is all there is between humankind and deadly space." - Astronaut Alexander Gerst

"When we look down on the Earth from space, we see this indescribably beautiful planet. It looks like a living, breathing organism. But it also at the same time looks extremely fragile... We're all basically living in this one eco-system called Earth and everything you do on one side of the eco-system affects the other side." - Astronaut Ron Garan

Earthview from the International Space Station

Thin Blue - s Nov 22, 2018.jpg


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