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Strategic Policy-Internet Online Rights

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Internet Bill of Rights.png

[edit] Digital Rights

Digital Rights / Open Data Open Gov at GreenPolicy360

World Wide Web and Rights

Digital Rights/Wikipedia

Internet Privacy/Wikipedia

[edit] A

Alliance for an Affordable Internet -

American Principles Project -

Atlantic -

[edit] B


BSA/The Software Alliance -

[edit] C

[edit] D

Daily Dot -

Digital Bill of Rights -

[edit] E

Economist -

Esquire -

[edit] F

Fast Company Labs -

Fox -

Freedom Online Coalition -

[edit] G

Ghostery -

Global Network Initiative -

Principles on Freedom of Expression and Privacy -

Guardian -

[edit] H

Hackers News Bulletin -

Hunton Privacy Blog -

[edit] I

Inside Counsel -

Internet Governance Project -

[edit] J/K

[edit] L

LinkIs – You Leave a Trail w/ Everything You Do Online - (online video)

[edit] M

[edit] N

New America Foundation/Kevin Bankston -

NPR/On Point -

[edit] O

Online Magna Carta -

Online Publishers Association -

Open Access Overview -

Open Architecture Network -

Open Internet Tools Project

Open Rights Group -


Open Technology Institute -

[edit] P

Pando -


PC World -

Pew Institute -

ProPublica -

[edit] Q/R

Reader Supported News -

Reform Government Surveillance -

[edit] S

Save the Net -

SearchNet Networking -

Section 215/"Patriot Act" -,_Title_II

Section 702/"FISA" -

Social Concept Consulting -

[edit] T

TechDirt -

The Hill -

ThinkProgress -

[edit] U

UN / The Right to Privacy in the Digital Age-June 2014 -

UN / United Nations Promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms while countering terrorism -

[edit] V/W

VentureBeat -

Vox -

Web We Want -

Wim – If You’re Not Paying for It, then You’re the Product -

Wired - How to Save the Net -

[edit] X/Y/Z


[edit] Internet-Online Rights/Social Media Campaigning

GreenPolicy360 - "Net Threats" -- the future of the Internet/Web...

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