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2013 to 2022

Thank you Planet Labs (Visit at for being 'out there, out in front' with New Space earth- and atmospheric-science....

GreenPolicy360: Today in 2022 we have the science and data, the earth atmospheric imaging databases and satellite missions up and they are measuring, monitoring and tracking the realities of greenhouse gas emissions, the trendlines, the 'hot spot super-emitting sites'. Now is the time, our generation's responsibility and challenge to go to work and act to protect the planet's life systems and environment, today and for the future ...

Carbon Mapper - Launch - April 2021.jpg

Planet 4-15-2021 10-22-51 AM.jpg

Doves close-up-of-cubesats-leaving-nanoracks-deployer-2014-02-11 m.jpg


Planet and California Join Forces

California, Planet Labs Inc. Launch Groundbreaking Initiative to Develop Satellite-Based Technologies, Track and Attack Climate Pollutants

Governor Brown & GreenPolicy360

Envisioning the Big Picture and Acting to Make a Difference

"Planet's goal? To photograph every place on the planet every day..."

Planet is already (2014) photographing one-third of the world everyday. Will Marshall, the co-founder and chief executive officer of Planet, explains how these images will comprise a global Earth archive of change.

“We have this psychology that the Earth is static-ish. But I think that has a lot to do with maps we were brought up with, and the fact that the satellite maps we see online are static.”


Earth is Dynamic, Changing, Living, Breathing

Earth Imaging-New Space

Earth Science Research from Space

Democratization of Space


Dove minisat m.jpg

Welcome to Planet Explorer

Will Marshall: “When we get an image down, whenever we compare it to the previous image we took of that same place a couple of days before—every time, we see changes. Either a tree has been taken down, a building has been added, a truck or a ship moves, and sometimes a river moves and you don’t notice it. A field is tilled. Things change every day in every picture we get.”

Planet's new acquisition from Google of the high-resolution Terra Bella satellites greatly expands the micro-satellite industry and its capabilities to monitor the Earth..."


Planet & Google (and Mapping Apps)

Planet Acquires Google’s Satellite Business

With the deal, Planet will receive seven high-resolution satellites that Terra Bella currently has in orbit. Planet plans to launch an additional six of Terra Bella’s satellites. They are larger than Planet’s existing satellites and offer up to six times better imagery resolution...

Google acquired its satellite division, called Skybox Imaging, for $500 million in 2014.


Planet Labs is now just 'Planet'

PlanetLabs homepage2016.png

Micro-satellites take flight

  • Over the past three years PlanetLabs has built almost 200 Dove micro-satellites.

Doves launched from ISS float against Earth horizon m.jpg


Planet Labs Micro-satellites Monitor Earth Systems

"Planet Labs platform is enabled by 'agile aerospace'. This means that we 1) embrace Silicon Valley best practices across spacecraft development, mission control, and product development, and 2) leverage heavy investment made in consumer technology. We’re applying Moore’s Law to satellites."

API connect.jpg

Space Race 2.0


Planet Labs, Yo!

Smartphones++ in Space

Launch of new Flock of Dove Satellites to Image Earth

Doves Fly

NASA Approves

Flock 1

"Rapid cadence imagery, like Planet Labs is developing, helps us become better, more sustainable stewards of Earth."

Cygnus, Orbital Sciences rocket successfully lifts off...

Planet Labs 'Dove' nano-satellites are on route to the International Space Station for release of Doves on their earth missions...

The launch comes a day after a manned spaceflight milestone: the 5,000th day humans have lived inside the $100 billion International Space Station.

Kirt Costello, assistant International Space Station program scientist told reporters: "Really it's an amazing feat to be able to already have completed so much science."

"In those 5,000 days, not only have we managed to assemble this unique laboratory, but we've been able to conduct 1,600 experiments to date."

"We are now in a period where utilization is really the prime goal of the space station."

A Platform for Research / Democratizing Space -- #EarthScience

Start-up 'New Space' commercial companies are finding ways to use the International Space Station as a platform for earth science, monitoring, research and applications.

Planet Labs, a San Francisco-based start-up that aims to image the whole Earth once a day, is sending a new constellation of 28 small satellites to be deployed from the station via Orb-2.

Planet Labs Photos of Earth from Space

Student science onboard -- 15 student science experiments chosen from more than 1,000 proposals through NASA's Student Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP).

Students were inspired by Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield's viral videos in space Highlights, Water in space, Space control music vid, Space food. Suni Williams tour of the ISS

The student experiments were prepared by Nanoracks, which also has 28 of Planet Labs' CubeSats on board the Cygnus.

The CubeSats will be deployed into orbit through Nanoracks’ smallsat deployment system.

Web-based, Open API

Visit where everyone can access Planet Labs' #EarthImaging data... Earth stewardship, planet citizens @work.

Will Marshall -- @Skoll World Forum

“We are motivated to make information about the changing planet available to all people, especially the people who need it the most,” said Robbie Schingler, co-founder of Planet Labs.

“The imagery could be used by anyone who cares about changes in land use over time.”

28 Nanosats Launch

Dove Satellites Going Orbital

Planet Labs 'Dove' micro-satellites - Dove deployment GIF

Planet Labs 'flock' / New Scientist Flocks of Doves

"NanoRacks" enabling Dove deployment via the International Space Station

CubeSats CubeSat Overview-Wikipedia

Dove2 Spacecraft CubeSat

Planet-labs-dove2-satellite s.jpg


Planet Citizens / Planet Scientists

Planet Citizens

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