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Earth Imaging-New Space

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Planet / PlanetLabs / Planet API and Bioneer Leonardo DiCaprio join up with #Earth Vision
Reefscape, Another New Way to View, Watch Over & Care for Our Common Home

Dove1 image.jpg

Earth Science from Space

New Ways to See & Take 'Earth Action'

Rebecca Google Outreach.jpg
  • Global Forest Watch (Google Earth Outreach / Bioneer Rebecca Moore)

The Commons
Earth Science Research from Space
Planet Citizens, Planet Scientists
Planet Labs Doves Fly
Democratization of Space
Virtual Earth

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Here's looking at us --

What's Your Hashtag? #PlanetCitizen

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Planet Labs is now just 'Planet'

Announcement - June 12, 2016

PlanetLabs homepage2016.png

An API for the Planet #PlanetLabs

Open Source Conference keynote API / An Open Sourced Discovery

Mission: Democratizing Access to Information About the Changing Planet

Planet Labs/NYT Planet Labs, newly #ISS deployed Doves Smartphones in space!

Launch of new Flock of Dove Satellites to Image Earth Doves fly Doves flock

Planet Labs 'Dove' micro-satellites [1]

"Rapid cadence imagery, like Planet Labs is developing, helps us become better, more sustainable stewards of Earth."

Via the NYT ... Investing in Earth Imaging

Visit Planet's Earth Images Gallery

Dead Sea evaporation ponds.jpeg

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Earth Imaging: Eyes in the Sky, Monitoring the Earth by Satellite

2103 / 2014

Startups -- NextGen #earthscience in an era of #climatechange and #globalsecurity threat

New Space era - startups to watch (our eyes are especially on Planet Labs)

DigitalGlobe --]
DigitalGlobe, highest rez commercially avail #earthimaging from space [2] [3] [4]

PlanetLabs AZ Irrigation fields-s.jpg

New Space

“With all these start-ups, the things you’ll be able to do with satellite images will grow exponentially.” - IEEE-May 2014

Moving from almost exclusively multi-billion dollar military/defense-communication satellite operations to nextgen 'small cap' startups and 'New Space' ventures and applications with earth systems monitoring, resources, sustainable business, and low-earth orbit.

Geosciences Brazil Terra satellite b.jpg

Geosciences agriculture-farms nasa.jpg

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