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Looking with New Eyes at Our Planet Earth Home


Environmental Security and a Thin Blue Layer around the Home Planet.png



All Alone in the Night


All Alone in the Night on the International Space Station

Music by Two Steps from Hell

All Alone In the Night.png


Beautiful Planet imax m.jpg


New "Blue Marble" Images from the DSCOVR Mission

One year of Earth from DSCOVR.png

Ultra High Definition (4K) View of Planet Earth

View Full Screen

Earth 2016 4k.png


New Era of Whole Earth Images

A million mile view - Daily

DSCOVR-EPIC ImagingofPlanetEarth.png

DSCOVR-EPIC ImagingofPlanetEarth 2.png

DSCOVR-EPIC 187 1003705 americas dxm.png

Astronaut Samantha June 10 2015.png

Samantha Cristoforetti has breakfast espresso and (in Italian) says #HelloEarth to our home planet

Astro Sam w new espresso machine's first cuppa java May2015.png


New Ways to Experience Home Planet Earth



Being & Becoming Planet Citizens


Planet Citizen ... Planet Citizens,_Planet_Scientists


"One Connected System"

Overview Effect/Orbital Perspective



-- #Earth360 #EarthPOV #EarthObservations

-- #OverviewEffect #OverviewInstitute #SpaceshipEarth

-- #OrbitalPerspective #GlobalPerspective #FragileOasis

-- #Astronauts #ISS #InternationalSpaceStation #SpaceExploration

-- #PlanetCitzen #HumanEvolution #CognitiveShift #Change of #WorldView


And may gods love be with you.png

'Space Oddity' by David Bowie, revisited and performed 'up above' by a floating Astronaut Chris Hadfield ...

Earth visions.png


#Earth360: An Overview

'Thin Blue Layer' of Earth's Atmosphere m.jpg

Hello Earth in Space

With appreciation ~ for the space experience and the wisdom of the Overview Effect

Overview / Planetary --- Planetary, March 2015

Watching Home From Above

Settings.png Settings Suggestion: FULL Screen, 1080p (Adjust the cog in the corner of the video player), Room lights off, Music up, lean back and fly


Settings.png Set Video Quality on Theater Mode or FULL Screen 1080p, lights off, Audio up. Even better, adjust YouTube player setting for HighDef 4K, 2160p

The View Outside My Window


Astronaut Alex Gerst: A 'Planet Citizen's' view of Earth...

Settings.png Set Video Quality on Theater Mode or FULL Screen HD 4K, 2160p



December 1972

... first photograph ever snapped by a human being of the whole round Earth

Blue Marble photo - Apollo 17.jpg



December 1968

"Apollo 8's Point of View on December 24, 1968

... Humankind's first 'live vision' of our Whole Earth as the Apollo astronauts orbit the moon...

Suddenly and surprisingly, as they looked out their window, the Earth began to rise...

They moved from the mission command list they were following and hurried to get their cameras...

When the Planet Citizen voyagers returned home, their mission's unplanned photo... Earthrise

forevermore changed how we view ourselves and how we view our home planet



About Us

"Greening Our Blue Planet"

EO Snapshot 6-29-2016 10-44-49 AM.png

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