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The Problem Beyond Fake News




More on the FCC Decision

FCC Votes to Dismantle Dec14,2017.png


FCC Plan to Rollback Net Neutrality Nov21,2017.png

Op-Ed I'm on the FCC. Please stop us from killing net neutrality --

Justin Trudeau Is ‘Very Concerned’ With FCC’s Plan to Roll Back Net Neutrality --

The Backlash Is Building Over the Plan to Gut Net Neutrality --

As the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Attempts to Rollback Network Neutrality Regulations

An Open Letter to the FCC --

What Could Happen and How It Could Affect You / The New York Times --

Why the Courts Will Have to Save Net Neutrality --

The FCC and Net Neutrality: Once Again, We Must Raise Our Voices -- --

What to Expect --

Inside the FCC's plan to end net neutrality --

Trump's FCC announces plans to kill net neutrality: The people want net neutrality, but FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, announced his plan to take it away from them. With this, you can expect to see your internet bills go up --

FCC plan would give Internet providers power to choose the sites customers see and use --

Internet Openness and Privacy: Threats Today and On the Horizon

Stephen Fry's stark warning to prepare for the internet of the future, or face the worst of science fiction's predictions

"Whether it is winter that is coming, or a new spring, it is entirely in our hands so long as we prepare."

WikiLeaks -Vault7 - Techmeme.png

Permalinks for Internet Exploits News/Reports
Read More:

WikiLeaks - Vault 7 - Mediagazer.png

Re:Publica 2016

Digital Rights @ GreenPolicy360
The Digital World, Free Software and Next Generation Internet
Empire & Internet Empowerment
Re:Publica, Last Kilometer, Last Chance
They're Watching You (You Have No Idea How Closely)
The WebTAP Tracking Study

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Digital Rights in a Connected World

Digital Rights/OpenData OpenGov -- GreenPolicy360 Digital Rights Project -

Digital Rights Organizations -- @ GreenPolicy360

Digital Citizens - @ Wikipedia

Digital rights and responsibilities.jpg

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Factoid: "The number of devices online reached 12.5 billion in 2010

& will grow to 25 billion in 2015 and 50 billion by 2020." -- MIT -- Cisco

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Knowledge Ecology Intl logo.jpg

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Internet Access Worldwide

Online access is a fundamental right

UN Report declares Internet access a human right

Global Internet User Survey - 2012_Internet Society Internet Society

Report on Internet Freedom around the World_2014

Freedom on the Net_2014
Tightening the Net: Governments Expand Online Controls-Summary
Tightening the Net: Full Report PDF

Global Network Initiative -

Principles on Freedom of Expression and Privacy -

Members of European Digital Rights have joined forces to defend civil rights in the information society. Currently, 33 privacy and civil rights organisations have a membership. They are based or have offices in 19 different countries in Europe.

European Digital Rights

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Facts Count

Poynter Institute in St Petersburg, Florida is independent journalism in practice

Poynter continues to provides 'best practices' for journalists/news organizations/writers
With the launch of its PoliFact project, fact-checking has become a key best practice in an era of attacks on media and the press

Global Fact-Checking Projects in Countries around the World -- PolitiFact

As of 2016, there are 96 fact-checking projects in 37 countries

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International News ... Internet Access / Privacy / Digital Rights

On 23 January 2015, EDRi organised its first series of privacy and IT security training sessions in the European Parliament (EP). Three Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and their assistants from throughout the political spectrum – European Conservatives and Reformists Group (ECR), European United Left, Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) and the Greens, European Free Alliance (Greens/EFA) – participated in the individual, customised training sessions.

Privacy Training Menu

Privacy Cafe -

I'm a Millennial, I was born Digital, I'm the Gen Y Generation


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Internet Users World-Region as of 2016.png

The rise of the internet.png

[edit] Security State | Deep State

Part 1 – "A hidden world, growing beyond control"

Part 2 – "National Security Inc."

Part 3 – "The secrets next door"

Top Secret America The Rise of the New American Security State” by Dana Priest and William M. Arkin

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New Definitions of National Security

PlanetCitizen GreenLinks

Networking grnlinks.png

GreenPolicy360 GreenLinks | permalink

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Digital Rights | Open Data - Open Gov

FOTN 2016 WorldMap 484x316.jpg

Internet future m.jpg

Open Forum/Twitter



124K+ data sets as of 2015 -
(Parker Higgins-EFF)
Tips, Tools and How-tos for Safer Online Communications from Electronic Frontier Foundation
(recommended by EFF)
Lawgeek Lawrence Lessig's blog
Chilling Effects Clearinghouse
Cyberlaw @Harvard
Ed Felten's "Freedom to Tinker"
Slashdot: Your Rights Online
Ernest Miller's "The Importance Of..."
Sabrina Pacifi's "Be Spacific"
Advancing the International Bill of Human Rights -
Beginning with PolitiFact, the original project at Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg, Florida -
(FreedomPress Organizations)
Principles on Freedom of Expression and Privacy -
GNU Project -
  • GovFuturesLab - Reimagining governance for an age of planetary challenges and human responsibility
App4Gov (TW)
(Blog) -
Civic Hall -
  • Privacy Rights in the Digital Age (Published 2016)

Privacy rights in the digital age-published2016 s.jpg

Measuring the Impact of Open Data
March 2017 Open Letter from Berners-Lee on Threats to the Web
1) "We’ve lost control of our personal data"; 2) "It’s too easy for misinformation to spread on the web"; 3) "Political advertising online needs transparency and understanding"
● We must work together with web companies to strike a balance that puts a fair level of data control back in the hands of people.
● We must fight against government over-reach in surveillance laws, including through the courts if necessary.
● We must push back against misinformation. We urgently need to close the “internet blind spot” in the regulation of political campaigning.

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