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See your location's and global current conditions via PC

Environmental Security Issues

Eco-tags / Eco-news

Evolving list of scientific & popular terms

AGW - Anthropogenic Global Warming -

Antarctic Melt -

Anthropocene -

Arctic Sea Ice Melt -

Atmosphere / Atmospheric Science - -

Climate Change -

Climate Migrants - Environmental Migrants - -

CO2 - Carbon Dioxide -


Eco-nomics -

Science Counts

A 'scholarly test' @ Google Scholar -- Go online to

Type in "Eco-nomics" and compare content from scholarly journals cited by Google with what's available at GreenPolicy360 --

Environmental Security (Global Security, National Security Strategy)

Externalities (Also see Harmful Externalities) -

Extreme Weather -

Global Commons - -

Global Warming -

GHG - Greenhouse Gas -

GISS / Goddard Institute for Space Studies -

Gravity Waves (atmospheric) - -

Greenland (Ice Sheet Melt) -

Harmful Externalities (External Costs) -

Holocene -

Hydroflourocarbon -

IceBridge / Operation IceBridge - -

Jet Stream - Hemispherical Jet Streams - "Understanding the Jet Stream" - Video -

Keeling Curve -

La Nina -

LANCE (Land, Atmosphere Near-real-time Capability for EOS) -

Mass Migration - as a result of war/environmental disruption - - - (correlations/consequences Brexit)

Megadrought -

Methane -

-- Bill McKibben: (at the 2016 Democratic Party platform meeting) People used to routinely refer to natural gas as a bridge fuel that would help us overcome our climate woes. As with many things, this turned out to be much too good to be true. The problem is that if it escapes unburned into the atmosphere, each molecule of methane, CH4, depending on the timeframe you measure it on, about 86 times more powerful greenhouse gas molecule for molecule than CO2.


Montreal Protocol - - Due to its widespread adoption and implementation it has been hailed as an example of exceptional international co-operation, with Kofi Annan quoted as saying that "perhaps the single most successful international agreement to date has been the Montreal Protocol" ... When comparing this very success story with attempts to establish an international policy on the Earth's climate or atomic energy, the entire process from a problem formulation to a global acceptance supported by a legal framework took less than a quarter of a single human generation live span.

Montreal Protocol "Ozone Hole"

Among the treaty's accomplishments are: The Montreal Protocol was the first international treaty to address a global environmental regulatory challenge; the first to embrace the "precautionary principle" in its design for science-based policymaking; the first treaty where independent experts on atmospheric science, environmental impacts, chemical technology, and economics, reported directly to Parties, without edit or censorship, functioning under norms of professionalism, peer review, and respect; the first to provide for national differences in responsibility and financial capacity to respond by establishing a multilateral fund for technology transfer; the first MEA with stringent reporting, trade, and binding chemical phase-out obligations for both developed and developing countries; and, the first treaty with a financial mechanism managed democratically by an Executive Board with equal representation by developed and developing countries.

"Amazing Recovery" - and Model for Potential of International Cooperation on Climate Issues -

NASA - - - - - - - -,_Challenges_Public_to_Join_In



OCO-2 - Orbiting Carbon Observatory -


Paris Climate Summit - - -

Particulate Pollution (atmospheric) - - - -


Representative Concentration Pathway

RCP-projections-damage to US economy.jpg

"Rossby Whistle" - "a deep whistling sound offshore in the Caribbean - an A flat - some call it 'a Rossby'", an oscillating of the earth's gravity field and it's changing its tone... the Rossby can be heard as far away as from space -- --

Runaway Climate Change / Runaway Greenhouse Effect / "Human-Induced Hothouse" -

Seasonality -

"Thin Blue" -

"Tiny Blue-Green" -

Zonal Wind Patterns -

Cardinal directions m.png


Read more about the early days of #ClimateAction


Congressman Brown / Science Committee in Front of Climate Action

National Climate Program Act, 1978 / PDF

The first federal program established to study and assess scientifically the issues and risks of human-caused climate change

US Public Law 95-367.png

Energy and Climate Report, 1977, National Academy of Sciences / 175 pp. / PDF via GreenPolicy360


Looking back after decades of science and study,2016.png

Feeling the Heat 1989.png

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