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National Security & Global Security, Indivisible

An essential element of national security thinking must go beyond conventional concepts of security. A broadened 'full-spectrum' way of seeing extends security beyond military assessment and response capabilities. A globalized era requires a broader, deeper understanding of security and integral connections between nations and ecoregions, between national security and eco-nomics of global security. This deeper understanding is our responsibility as citizens of respective nations -- and as planet citizens.

Within an evolving, more comprehensive national security paradigm are opportunities to act to enhance and extend security.

GreenPolicy360 looks to these security questions and potential action strategies in association with Strategic Demands / StratDem.

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File:Surviving Victory WashingtonDC conf 09 12 06.pdf
File:Surviving Victory conf Sept20,2006.pdf


Surviving Victory Conference, Washington DC



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GreenPolicy360 / New Horizons of Security


New Definitions of National... and Global Security

GreenPolicy360 & Strategic Demands / #StratDem

GreenPolicy360/StrategicDemands: The key to 21st century security is "strategic realism". Any full scientific assessment of security threats on the horizon is replete with environmental/global risks that are drawing daily into view. These risks are presenting a clear and present danger, in U.S. Department of Defense terms. A 'clear and present danger' has yet to be acknowledged by the US Department of Defense, or in the US military budget that approaches $1 trillion in annual spending. Other nations continue a race seeing security in terms of defense/military spending. This cannot be sustained. Forward planning with a new and more acutely aware vision of security is demanded now.

GreenPolicy360 and its associate Strategic Demands challenge prevailing views that are not focused as they must be on existential threats of our era. A new vision of security must drive the politics of our times. New definitions of national and global security must become highest priorities.

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National Interests, Environmental Protection, Global & Indivisible

New Definitions of National Security

A New Vision Needed Now
Environmental Security
Environmental Security, National Security

Earth Observations, Earth Science

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Environmental Security & "Thin Blue"

Strategic Demands: New Definitions of National & Environmental Security
A Thin Blue Layer protecting the home planet


New Definitions of National & Global Security

New Vision for a Connected World
"Surviving Victory": Moving Away from "Perpetual War"

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On the Eve of Destruction

(NYT) U.S. Signals Nuclear Arms Are Back in a Big Way

Strategic Demands of the 21st Century: A New Vision for a New World - 2005

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