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Planet Citizen Action
Each of us can make a positive difference

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To Be a Planet Citizen


Ahlan wa sahlan Kyo-so-ba-thi Huanying guanglin Hartelijk Welkom Bonvenu Teretulemast Tervetuloa Soyez la bienvenue Failte Herzlich Willkommen Aloha E Komo Mai Baruch haba Selamat datang Benvenuti Irasshaimase Merhba Velkommen Khosh amadid Serdecznie witamy! Bemvindos Dobro pozhalovat’ Dobrodosli Bienvenida Va’lkommen


Welcome Planet Citizens... In many languages GreenPolicy360 welcomes you!

GreenPolicy360 Siterunner: The work of 'Planet Citizens' finds origins in the early years of the Environmental movement
A 'Planet Citizen vision' is life affirming, connects us all, and carries hope for improving our mutual Quality of Life

Reaching out with GreenLinks and a global eco-network sharing Green Best Practices, GreenPolicy360 urges you to create positive change and we welcome you in multiple languages on your path!

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Planet Citizen Vision of Living Earth

Earth Right Now / EarthPOV / Earth Observations

"Our loyalties are to the species and the planet. We speak for Earth. Our obligation to survive is owed not just to ourselves but also to that Cosmos, ancient and vast, from which we spring." -- Carl Sagan, Cosmos




Looking from the Home Planet Out/Up/Around at Our Home Galaxy

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The Milky Way - Photo by Andrew McCarthy, 2023


Planet Citizens

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GreenPolicy360's Work

Here on Your Home Planet

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Thank You Starfarers !

Stardust Origins

"We are Made of Stars"



Onward Planet Citizens

Strategies of Resilience & Survival

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Each of us can make a positive difference

You are part of a global circle of friends and a whole earth point of view.

You are creating waves of ideals, ideas and action together with Planet Citizens across Planet Earth. You are of a modern environmental movement, a new generation stepping up with new vision, realizing the challenge of new responsibilities.

Let us call this, if it fits, Generation Green. We're on the road, we're traveling, trying to find our way, make 'a living', and to understand who we are among the stars.

We reach across the Earth. We are interconnected, and here, now, we're sharing green stories and green best practices.

We are, some are, Planet Citizens and Planet Citizens, Planet Scientists...

Planet Citizen Action ... 'vita activa', a life of action, is there in front of us and is calling...

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Our Biggest Experiment

Climate Change - Global Warming Keyword-Terms

Our Biggest Experiment - by Alice Bell.jpg


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Global Climate Strike, Student Action

Students Worldwide Striking to Demand Climate Action Change



Kids in 123 countries strike to protect the climate

“This movement had to happen, we didn’t have a choice.”

Via Vox

An estimated 1.4 million young people in 123 countries skipped school Friday to demand stronger climate policies in what may be one of the largest environmental protests in history.

Going Global: Student #ClimateStrike

Youth Climate Strikes-March15,2019.jpg

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Look around our living earth, wonderful & challenging world, our home, our only home. We fly on as Planet Citizens...


"Thin Blue", Earth's Life-Enabling Atmosphere
"TinyBlueGreen" Oxygen-Producing Oceans
* |

Earthviews 🌎

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New Visions of Security

New Definitions of National Security Environmental Security - National Security

Have hope, act to make a difference
Planet citizen action
The future is here and now


New Definitions of National Security
Rethinking Security in a Changing World
Environmental Security & National Security

Our Home Planet
Earth day 2016.jpg

The Original Mission Statement of NASA (1958) provided Congressional intent and guidance to the first generation of space programs. GreenPolicy360's founder heard Congressman George E. Brown Jr speak often of the 'home planet' earth science mission ...

From the original NASA space program Mission Statement:

“To understand and protect our home planet; to explore the universe and search for life; to inspire the next generation of explorers ... as only NASA can.”




A True View of "Thin Blue"
Our life-enabling thin blue layer of atmosphere

Blue green lines 1.png

'Thin Blue Layer' of Earth's Atmosphere 2.jpg

Blue green lines 1.png

Planet Citizens, introducing our iconic "Blue Marble"
Our Home Planet 🌎

Blue Marble photo - Apollo 17.jpg

First Whole Earth Point of View as photo-recorded by an 'Astronaut' Planet Citizen

December 7, 1972, the date on which the only picture photographed by a human of the Whole Earth was captured on NASA camera.

NASA named our first Whole Earth Planet Image ... AS17-148-22727

Watch Planet Earth today majestic in Ultra High Definition Video



Facing the Challenges of Protecting & Preserving Life

Planet Citizens Watching Over the Whole Earth

Vital Signs, Taking the Pulse of the Planet

World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice

NASA and scientists/educators/activists begin measuring and monitoring Earth's 'Vital Signs'

A NASA 'Mission Statement' priority in the first years, envisioned and developed in the 1970s and 80s, was a fleet of satellites and aligned ground-based observation and Earth Science research missions. We set in motion a "New Space-Earth Era"

You can manage only what you can measure Dr David Crisp, OCO-2, June 2014 m.jpg

Earth Breathing.jpg


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Support Your Favorite Green Public Interest Group

Visit GreenLinks @GreenPolicy360



Climate science 'Insights Report' delivered to the 28th International Climate Summit

December, 2023 in the UAE

The 1.5-degree reduction target has become a rallying point for nations attending the COP28 climate talks, despite rising certainty among scientists that the world will spill over that threshold, potentially within a decade. Temperatures have already risen between 1.1 and 1.3 degrees.

It may be possible to bring global temperatures back down again, using still-unproven technological means to draw carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. But at least some overshoot is probably unavoidable, scientists said in the new report to the U.N.

The looming shadow of overshoot is one of 10 stark warnings the researchers presented Sunday in an annual report on top climate science insights from the past year. Launched in 2017, the series is coordinated by scientific organizations Future Earth and Earth League, alongside the World Climate Research Programme, whose scientific work helps inform national climate commitments worldwide. The report is presented each year to the U.N. during its annual climate conference.

This year’s report includes a variety of findings.

Mountain glaciers are swiftly shrinking. Natural landscapes, like forests and wetlands, may soak up less carbon dioxide as the planet warms, causing more pollution to linger in the atmosphere. Compound climate events — multiple extreme weather disasters happening at the same time or in rapid succession — are a growing threat.

The report also includes insights on the links between climate change and biodiversity loss, the role that food systems can play in reducing carbon emissions, the plight of global populations that lack resources to relocate in the face of worsening climate impacts, and the importance of just and equitable climate adaptation efforts.

The findings on the 1.5-degree target are among its starkest conclusions.

Nations have not reduced greenhouse gas emissions quickly enough to stay on track, the report finds. The world can emit only a certain amount of carbon before the 1.5-degree target slips out of reach, and recent studies suggest that threshold will arrive in about six years if humans keep burning carbon at their current rates...



Going Green

Spring in Santa Fe

A day with planet citizen Christiana Figueres, co-author of "The Future We Choose" ... Christiana was appointed to head the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in July 2010... During the next six years she worked to build the global climate change negotiating process, leading to the 2015 Paris Agreement, widely recognized as a historical achievement. Over the years Figueres has worked in the fields of climate change, sustainable development, energy, land use, and technical and financial cooperation.

In the UK, US, time to choose the future.jpg

Climate Change Summit Paris

UN Climate Change Conference 2015.jpg



Maria Ressa - Nobel Peace Prize speech.png

Maria Ressa, Dmitry Muratov receive Nobel Peace Prize.jpg

So please, with me, just close your eyes for just a moment, and imagine the world as it should be. A world of peace, trust, and empathy, bringing out the best that we can be.

Open your eyes. Now go, we have to make it happen. Please, let’s hold the line together. Thank you.

Climate Science at the Forefront as New Nobel Prizes Are Announced

Drawdown - pushing climate action at work.png

Earth System Observatory-1.jpg



Musicians Across Five Continents

Planet Citizens, Planet Artists... Playing for Change

'The Weight', Sharing the Music


Left & Right & Independent

Planets Citizens Caring for Home

'Crunchy Conservatives' & Conservationism

Aldo Leopold and Regenerative Agriculture, Protecting & Preserving the Land We Love, Stewardship & Faith

Katharine Hayhoe-2015.jpg



Young & Old, On the Move to Make a Positive Difference

Leonardo and Greta Nov 1, 2019.jpg

Two Planet Citizens

Time for Planet Citizen Action 🌎



December 2019

Katharine Hayhoe on Reddit AMA

Planet Citizen, Planet Scientist answers your questions

Your Life Is Your Message
Your life is your message.jpg



Generation Green

October 2019

Emphasizing Eco-Solutions

Covering Climate Now

The Guardian steps up climate coverage with a new collective

Visit & Bookmark Guardian's Climate News Site. Check in Daily.

Do Something Now About Climate News, Make a Difference in Your World.


U.S. Presidential Candidates Need to 'Step It Up'

Via the Washington Post / Seven Minutes in Miami, Florida

"Tonight’s debate made it crystal clear that the media and the political establishment are out of touch with our generation," said Varshini Prakash, executive director of the Sunrise Movement, advocate for the Green New Deal. "Our survival is worth more time than vague, irrelevant, and trivial questions posed 80 minutes into the debate to a few minor candidates."

Via The New Republic / First Democratic Debate Failed the Planet

GreenPolicy360: In 2016, during all the US presidential debates, a climate-related questions were rarely asked. Tonight (June 26th) the US Democratic Party starts their presidential campaign debate, in Miami, even as the current US president denies the climate change big picture... the climate/global atmospheric threat, existential challenges, national/state and local #ClimateCrisis impacts.

For decades now the GreenPolicy team has warned of the gathering crisis and we have urged a New Vision, a strategic vision with New Definitions of National and Global Security. The time is now for the Democratic Party to step it up and face the great challenge of our generation -- climate disruption, climate crisis.

In Florida, the consequences of sea level rise are vivid and VERY real.

Globally, this is an existential crisis, climate disruption, that is, atmospheric disruption, what GreenPolicy360 calls the disruption of the "thin blue layer", earth's life protecting atmosphere.

Speaking of global security and protection/preservation of the atmosphere, watch this scientist talk of the clear and present dangers of nuclear war. We are "one mistake away" from nuclear war initiated by any of the nuclear weapons countries (the US, Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Israel, France, the UK, North Korea) leading to global winter and collapse of civilization.

Planet Citizens action, concerted action now, is essential to protect our common security and prevent threats to life and health, our future well being and security.

Climate debate.jpg


Planet Citizen Greta Speaks to the European Union

'Wake Up and Take Action'

Greta Thunberg speaks to EU - Apr16,2019.jpg


Our Planet: Powerful Television like prior series Planet Earth and Life on Earth, but with Deep Warnings of Crisis

Our Planet's #PlanetCitizen David Attenborough... “Fifty years ago, we didn’t even realize what the problem was. Maybe thirty years ago we did recognize what the problem was but didn’t know much about it, thinking, 'That’s way in the future'. Now we know that it’s right here ahead of us.”


415.26 / May 11

C02 in atmosphere chart-3.png

"We don't know a planet like this." That was the reaction of meteorologist Eric Holthaus to news that atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have reached heights not seen in the entirety of human existence -- not history, existence.

According to data from the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii, the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is over 415 parts per million (ppm), far higher than at any point in the last 800,000 years, since before the evolution of homo sapiens.

Mauna Loa-NOAA-Observatory.jpg


A Tip of the Green Hat to 21st Century Planet Citizens, Observing, Caring, and Acting to Make a Positive Difference

Sylvia Earle
Bill McKibben
David Brower

A personal and profound thanks to California Governor Jerry Brown as he leaves office after four active, visionary terms out in front on the state and global stage, a Planet Citizen who is promising to continue his work to face the existential crisis of climate change and global nuclear weapons.

JB: "I'm a planetary realist. We are linked in this community of people, 7.3, 7.4 billion people whether it's cyber, or the international monetary system, or weather, or disease, or climate change or habitat destruction, or if there's a nuclear war. For the first time in history we're all linked together. So there is a planetary quality to our politics, or there should be."

Earth and Space, Politics

Connect cooperative networking 2.jpg

SJS / GreenPolicy360 Siterunner:

Nearing 50 Years On, a Personal Look Back to 1970 and the First Earth Day

Across the US, a first Earth Day of teach-ins began as a student-initiated movement on college campuses including your GreenPolicy siterunner's college at the University of Southern California. Earth Day teach-ins reached out to students globally. The dream we had was to build a peace movement across borders and to envision and create a new environmental movement. Soon a worldwide environmental movement was in the process of becoming real with ideas, green practices, agendas and initiatives. Green politics began to grow as a political force...

"I am convinced that the same concern the youth of this nation took in changing this nation's priorities on the war in Vietnam and on civil rights can be shown for the problems of the environment. Successful teach-ins on all campuses on the same day will have a dramatic impact on the environmental conscience of the nation. They will be immensely effective as an educational effort in arousing public opinion..."

-- Senator Gaylord Nelson, April 23, 1970 at the University of Southern California

Memories on the Road to the First Earth Day

By Steve Schmidt

Earth Day (3).png

Recalling the beginnings of the "modern environmental movement" and "Whole Earth" awareness, GreenPolicy360 introduced "Planet Citizens" @ and Planet Citizen action works to secure and protect our home planet in the 21st century and for generations who will follow us.

"Overview" perspective

The first-images of 'home' delivered in the late 1960s begin a new awareness of humanity's place on a singular planet, a "fragile" blue-green planet. Astronauts frequently spoke of their experience looking back at Earth as life altering. Perhaps as time goes on, new immersive and virtual reality technologies will bring an approximation of an astronaut's point of view. Perhaps the realization's 'Above' will begin to change the old ways, the tribal ways, the walls of nationalism, conflict and war and shift to a new vision, a perspective that values all of us as planet citizens.

"Decades have past now since experiencing the visual wonder of those first visions of our Whole Earth, Planet Earth and still we are only beginning our journey as planet citizens...."

"To see the ‪Whole Earth daily from the DSCOVR mission is going to be a spectacular re-reminder of our place in the cosmos..." -- Steven Schmidt / GreenPolicy Siterunner, assisting the NASA DSCOVR-EPIC team in the release of "selfies almost a million miles from home".

DSCOVR-EPIC 187 1003705 m americas dxm.png


Overview and Perspective

See and experience the Earth in new ways

The Overview Effect

Orbital Perspective

Recently Added Planet Citizen, Planet Scientist Pages





Whole Earth POV

A coming era of #Earth360 exploration, using the tools of the digital age and Internet connectivity, is making it possible to see a connected, whole Planet Earth and to begin studying life-enabling systems (and life-threatening changes) as with means never before possible. Space- and earth-based observation platforms are delivering "intelligence reports" in effect, strategic insights that can broaden our knowledge and perceptions of who we are and how we respond to our global, common future.

In unprecedented ways, intelligence about our planet's systems can be shared and networked via the worldwide web and larger Internet linking us whatever our nation and wherever our community.

We look out at a critical, developing field of #EnvironmentalSecurity and "New Definitions of National Security".

At GreenPolicy360, we are Planet Citizens and we hold a simple value proposition:

  • Cleaner air and water and food is a good thing. Reducing pollution is a necessary thing. Health of our environment is a vital thing.


An API for the Planet

Connecting as Citizens of the Planet

Mission: Democratizing Access to Information About Our Home Planet

API connect.jpg

Visit Planet Labs @

Planet Labs 'Dove' micro-satellites

Launch of New Flock of Dove Satellites to Image Earth

"Rapid cadence imagery, like Planet Labs is developing, helps us become better, more sustainable stewards of Earth."


New Space

"New Space" Updates / 2019/2018:

Environmental Protection with Space Monitoring


Environmental Security @Strategic Demands


Planet cit s.jpg

21st Century definitions of national and international security

Planet m.png

A realization that "Security is indivisible" is on the horizon and security definitions are changing as a result of the dynamics of interactive networks.

The sharing of information is creating a new science of networking. Information is being looked at as never before and #earthscience data is now being collected by networked computers across an interconnected world. In historic ways, open data is being publicly distributed far beyond the restrictive policies of previous times and closed-loop systems.

Today #earthsciences are at the cusp of a rich new world of information. As we share these new realizations, images, data, experiences and understandings, we can be certain of a new, growing awareness of our planet and our 'citizenship' together.

Even now, we have inklings of what is coming. Let's look at one called OCO-2. With the launch of OCO-2, a "game changer", in the summer of 2014, the data of #Earth360 will grow in unprecedented ways as this first orbiting observatory of global warming conditions takes to space and begins to report home - I am OCO-2

Although the Orbiting Carbon Observatory is just the beginning, the future of #earthobserving is here as we see in new ways and observe our environment with new information never before accessible. Space-imaging is opening up amazing views, with 3D and big-screens and home theaters. Coming soon will be views beyond IMAX as companies like Virgin and SpaceX carry citizen travelers into orbit. Educational and scientific information about our communities is being shared, and linked to, and distributed around the Net. From space, the earth is borderless and with vision of the planet as a common #biosphere and #ecosystem comes responsibility for our shared security.

It's All Related

We are all connected and wherever we are, geographically, nationally, we share a common ground.

Let's look at our home and with an 'overview' from space, see the 'Big Picture' and let's look at the details, let's manage and sustain our earth resources and, as we go, look to our shared quality of life onboard the "only home we've ever known."

Here's to our future and future of #StrategicDemands #Environmental Security

BlueMarble-2001-2002 wikicommons m.jpg


The Big Picture: Earth from Space

The world of space is a world in flux. The term "New Space" has come to represent a first generation of start ups that are designing, building and launching small, mini- and micro-satellites. New players are challenging the old system of governments that spend billions to explore, commercialize and militarize space. Barriers to entry are being broken and start-up companies are launching flocks of satellite birds into space. Earth monitoring is going planetary and nextgen companies are at the forefront, even as the "old" establishment is shifting to address threats to the environment.

Let's go there to this new world, not a 'new world order' but a world that is being connected and is sharing, linking and seeing the bigger picture. The way we observe and 'feel' about our planet is changing in one generation.

Beginning with the first Whole Earth pictures, we have for the first time in humankind's history experienced a vision of our planet from afar -- we are, we realize, a living planet, an oasis in space.

Today, forty+ years after the Apollo mission's revealing images of blue #planetearth, "citizens of the planet" are becoming a "New Space" generation with mini-sats sending and sharing full-spectrum imaging with a life-altering array of new views of our planet.

Apollo's famous iconic images are being enhanced and extended with new ways of seeing and experiencing of our planet -- and opening new possibilities to secure our environment for ages to come.



Add your talent to the grand project of seeing with an EarthPOV -- so that we can make informed decisions and policy...

Join up with GreenPolicy360 and our GreenLinks network.

Confront the challenges of #climatechange, #environmentalsecurity and #globalsecurity...

Choose to act. Time to get going -- planet citizens @work!

○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

GreenPolicy360 & Science

Earth Right Now

EarthNow our planet is changing.jpg


Environmental Security

Planet Citizens, Planet Scientists, Preserving & Protecting the Home Planet Earth

"Greening Our Blue Planet" with forward-looking vision

Environmental Security ... Environmental Protection

○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○


-- #Earth360 #PlanetCitizen #PlanetCitizens

Green Something to Think About.png

Earth Summit 1992.jpg

Remembering the First Earth Summit in 1992

GreenPolicy360 Siterunner: Thirty years ago and now I'm older and looking back at the first "Earth Summit" that led to the first global climate 'Conference of the Parties'. My reports to the Environmental News Service (ENS) picked up on the green, environmental platform planks I was also adding to the Platform in Progress for California Governor Jerry Brown's presidential campaign. The first Earth Summit and Governor Brown's energetic efforts both moved a vital, forward-looking vision and both encountered myriad obstacles from powers-that-be and business-as-usual. The obstacles didn't stop before or after 1992. The work continued on and continues to today... November 2021, fifty years on...

I'm now remembering and picking up and continuing the threads of Representative George E. Brown's work to advance climate science, beginning in earnest with the first National Climate Act of 1978 and establishment of the Office of Science and Technology Policy to push what was called a "big science, earth science" agenda with the first generation of focused earth studies and science, measuring and monitoring 'the Commons' , earth's atmosphere, natural resources (e.g., Landsat's start up and a deep, multi-decade array of NASA/NOAA/USGS missions that have now continued for half a century.

A tip of our GreenPolicy360 hat to #PlanetCitizens and #PlanetCitizensPlanetScientists.

Here's to Opportunities for Citizen Activism

Featured @GreenPolicy

Going Green

Climate Action Plans 360

Biodiversity, Protecting Life

New Visions of Security


Earth Science Research from Space


NASA's Original Mission Statement Was Clear -- “To understand and protect our home planet..."

NASA's continuing vision and mission - as of 2005.png

Earth Observing System - fleet of satellites.png

NASA orbiting fleet 2015 m.jpg

NASA: You can manage only what you can measure"

Apollo 8, Life Jan10,1969.png

GP360 tagcloud2.png

GreenPolicy360: The original Mission Statement of the newly launched U.S. space program spoke of our planet and our responsibilities. GreenPolicy360's founder was fortunate, beginning in the 1960s, to listen to Congressman Brown Congressman George E. Brown point to the NASA plan and explain how he saw Congress put into action the reality of a multi-year, coordinated, multi-agency program to achieve mission goals.

Earth science, measuring and monitoring Earth's life-enabling systems was given highest priority. Landsat's program was set in motion as a decades long, first-ever digital scanning remote satellites data collecting study. An array of satellites began to launch, creating and combining the expanding resources of NASA, USGS, NOAA, and an array of educational and scientific institutions and aeronautics business.

The overall goal, Representative Brown continually explained in his Congressional Science, Space & Technology leadership roles over the decades, was to 'understand, preserve and protect our planet' as we, humanity, developed first-generation Earth Science and looked beyond Planet Earth to study 'the heavens'.

An Earth Information Center is a good beginning

Generation Green

Together we can be a powerful wave of change

Planet Citizens on a mission to 'understand and protect our home planet'

On Earth

"Greening Our Blue Planet"

Green Eco-Education

Earth Emoji 2.png

Beginnings of the 'Modern Environmental Movement'

Planet Citizen Vision of Living Earth


Earth Emoji 2.png

Himawari Earth water vapor dynamics.png

Water, water, life...

Earth - Pacific Ocean.png

Earth Emoji 2.png