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GreenPolicy360 Best Practices

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The GreenPolicy360 site (.net/.org, GreenLinks and associated social media sites) is an an online network of green best practices.

GreenPolicy360's online OS ( expands the best practice business concept to distributive web sharing of successful green policies and practices. Successful green models/templates of initiatives and proposals, resolutions/laws/ordinances, data and project 'how to' information is gathered and organized via keywords/categories/topics/location and best practice data is easily searched, shared and networked.

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From our Introduction:

Welcome to our network.

We are grassroots-powered and open to "greens of all colors." We are built on a MediaWiki platform. We're an eOS, an eco-operating system.

GreenPolicy360 presents best practices -- practical and visionary green policy solutions. We are a database and go-to e-resource where a keyword can deliver multiple examples of green initiatives and projects, real-world models and templates from and for your location, town, village, city, state, country or region.

We are -- Greening Our Blue Planet

-- Steven Schmidt Co-founder/Siterunner

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