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The Challenge of Acting for the Commons /


Katharine Heyhoe: At its core, climate change is a Tragedy of the Commons. First coined by Garrett Hardin in 1968, based on an 1833 publication by William Forster Lloyd, this concept dates back to the time when villages shared a common grazing area. Each individual villager would benefit from grazing as many animals as they could on the commons. If everyone did that, though, the land would become dry and barren and no one would be able to graze. As individuals, villagers lacked the incentive to limit their own behavior for the common good. Only by acting together was it possible to preserve this shared resource.

In the same way, our planet is now our global commons. Whenever we dig coal, oil, or natural gas out of the ground and burn it, we release that carbon into the atmosphere—carbon that would not naturally reach the atmosphere for millions of years.

Climate, Politics and Religion – my opinion / Professor K. Hayhoe / Texas Tech / 2015



Driven by Short-term Objectives and/or Acting for the Common, Long-term Good

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Envisioning "The Commons"
Out-in-Front Politics

Environmental movement

New Definitions of National Security

Environment & Security: New Security Policies Beyond Nation States

Exploring "New Definitions of National Security" / GreenPolicy360 &
New Definitions of National Security @GreenPolicy360
New Definitions of National Security @StrategicDemands

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Climate Change Summit Paris

Intended Nationally Determined Contributions


The Global Internet and the Commons
Wikipedia, Wikimedia, MediaWiki, and wiki | Digital Rights

Digital Citizens, Digital Rights Movement

Digital Rights Tag Cloud from


Common Ground Values in Action
Economics as "Eco-nomics"
Environmental full-cost accounting


Toward Community-wealth, Community-cooperation

Democracy Collaborative: Local Models
Democracy Collaborative

Next System Project
Democracy Collaborative Publications

Gar Alperovitz / keynote speech (Video) / AARP conf on 'Climate Change Resilience and Governance' - 2014
The history of the modern environmental movement notes Mr. Alperovitz' work with Gaylord Nelson, a founder of global "Earth Day"


Community Wealth Cities Community Wealth InfoGraphics Community Wealth Interviews Community Wealth Map Wealth Videos
Anchor Institutions | The Cleveland Model | Community Development Corporations (CDCs) | Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) | Land Trusts (CLTs) | Cooperatives (Co-ops)
Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) | Green Economy | Individual Wealth Building | Individual Wealth Preservation | Local Food Systems | Municipal Enterprise | New State & Local Policies | Outside the U.S. | Program Related Investments | Reclaiming the Commons
Social Enterprise | Responsible Investing | State Asset Building Initiatives | State and Local Investments | Transit Oriented Development | University & Community Partnerships | Worker Cooperatives


Earth 'Stewardship': Religion, Community, and Values

Laudato Si
Integral Ecology

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Planet Citizens

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GTN GreenLinks Trending News
EOS eco Operating System

Environmental Protection, Global & Indivisible

"New Definitions of National Security"
Environmental Security / Environmental Security, National Security

Earth Science Research from Space
Earth and Space, Politics

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An Earth Point of View


Climate News

Mick Mulvaney, President Trump’s budget director:

“Regarding the question as to climate change, I think the President was fairly straightforward —

We’re not spending money on that anymore; we consider that to be a waste of your money to go out and do that.”

Mulvaney: We're Not Spending Money On Climate Change Anymore (Video)

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US Trump Doctrine: We Do Not Intend to Protect the Common Good

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GreenPolicy360 & Strategic Demands: 'We Intend to Protect the Common Good'

Environmental Security & "Thin Blue"

Strategic Demands: New Definitions of National Security and Environmental Security | A Thin Blue Layer protecting the home planet

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