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Natural Resources & Natural Capital

It's All Related | Eco-nomics | IPBES, Biodiversity and Extinction


Natural Capital

In the end, our society will be defined not only by what we create, but what we refuse to destroy.

-- John C. Sawhill, Nature Conservancy

How what once was fades from daily life... then is forgotten

Innumerable endangered/extinction disruptions in the web of living, connected environments


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Overshoot - Presentation by Professor William Rees

University of British Columbia

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Key phrases: Biomass is more human than wildlife; humans displaced wildlife; natural habitats destroyed; natural resources depleted... 'carrying capacity' is an existential crisis... climate change falls within this overarching crisis brought on by humans.... in the past 200 yrs, approximately 10 generations exploiting the use of fossil fuels, has unleashed exponential growth, unprecedented change and unsustainable, depleting not renewing of natural wealth

Biocapacity - Overshoot - Quantifying the Crisis... 73 percent drawing down of natural capital... shrinking biomass, depletion of assets

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