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An Earth Point of View
Blue Marble photo taken by the crew of Apollo 17 (1972).jpg

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Apollo's Earthrise to Earth Day

Time for new beginnings, a modern environmental protection movement... some 16 months after Apollo 8's "Earthrise" photo was first seen on Earth, the first environmental 'teach-in' -- that we called "Earth Day" -- arose with a flourish, offering a whole earth message, new perspective, new ways of seeing. A new identification with the home planet began to be visualized and set in motion... a global environmental movement was being created. As planet citizens we had our work, serious work, in front of us and we got to work.

A Planet Citizen Point of View

It's All Related
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Yes, We Can Be 'Planetary Citizens'

Remember Earthrise

Looking outward, focusing inward, we see our responsibilities for Planet Earth in new ways, with new vision

Earth Right Now | 'Focusing Inward'

SJS / GreenPolicy360 Siterunner: It was a mind-changing year. Beginning with the historic "Earthrise" photo taken as Apollo 8 astronauts circled the moon in preparation for Apollo 11 and humankind's first step on the Moon.

History shifted, cognitive awareness changed as together we welcomed a new 'Whole Earth' vision.

We surprised ourselves, looking back for the first time at the oasis of Earth, our home planet in full blue-green color, all life as we know it suspended in the darkness and vastness of space.

This was to many, including your writer, the beginnings of the modern environmental movement. To protect and preserve life became an ongoing mission that we continue every day. A gift of life.


Planet Citizens,_the_way_Anders_saw_it.jpg

Beginnings of the Modern Environmental Movement]

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Yes, we know and memories remain vivid


On the 50th Anniversary

Memories on the Road to the First Earth Day by Steven Schmidt

Beginnings of the Modern Environmental Movement

New Definitions of National Security
Earth Science & Environmental Security
Atmospheric Science
Earth Science

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We are

"Greening our Blue Planet''

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"Thin Blue Layer"

ThinBlue-3 iss030e031276.jpg / Earth System Science / Measuring "Vital Signs"

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