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Apollo 8, Life Jan10,1969.png

'Earthrise' beginnings, December 1968

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Beginnings of the Modern Environmental Movement
'Earthrise' in December 1968... The Home Planet Comes into Our View

Earth Summit 1992.jpg

Earth Summit (the First Global Climate Conference, 1992)


Envisioning New Ways of Protecting Life

Planet Citizen Vision of Living Earth

"The Commons"

"Thin Blue" ...
Look how thin our atmosphere is
"The Commons" ... Global Challenge


Earth gem.jpg


The Quest of Generation Green

Environmental protection


To Be or Not to Be a Planet Citizen

Planet Citizen -
Planet Citizens -

It's All Related: A Vision of Dynamic Change
New Definitions of National Security
Strategic Demands: New Definitions of National and Global Security
Earth Observations, Strategic Missions
Environmental Security - Global/National/Local

"Hello Earth"
Overview Effect
Orbital Perspective

Citizen Science
Planet Scientist
Planet Citizens, Planet Scientists
Planet API


The Story of Earth

Via National Geographic

"From dust and rocks... The Earth might seem solid beneath our feet but five billion years ago there was no sign of the planet we call home. Instead there was only a new star and a cloud of dust in our solar system...

Over millions of years, a series of violent changes led to the formation of our world and, eventually, the creation of life..."

Stardust Origins

Planet of the Year Christo-Time.jpg


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