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Stardust Origins

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We are made of star stuff 2-- carl sagan.jpg

“We are all stardust”

Carl Sagan


We are Stardust...

We are Golden and we got to get ourselves back to the Garden...

We are stardust, (billion year old carbon), we are golden (caught in a devils bargain) and we got to get ourselves back to the garden.

-- Woodstock by Joni Mitchell



You are looking at over 140,000 points of light, every one a galaxy containing billions of stars, trillions of planets ....

Photo credit: ESA - European Space Agency

Herschel Space Observatory

Star Galaxies Revealed - Origins of Life Mission ESA-NASA.jpg

Each dot indicates the position of a galaxy... a map of 'a slice' of the universe...

Looking out at 1.2 million galaxies...

Looking back into our origins...

Photo credit: Sloan Digital Sky Survey



Starstuff we are.jpg

Images and Stories of Stardust, yes we are, at GreenPolicy360

Stardust @GreenPolicy360


Dark sky by Jack Fusco.jpg

We are Stardust.jpg

I am a significant... speck of stardust.jpg
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