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GreenPolicy360: Advocating for Diversified Business with Green Values and Goals

Green Money, Sustainable Business / October 9

Business and Investing for sustainable economics, social & progressive causes
Business for Social Responsibility --
Social Venture Network --

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Going Green

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"New Economics", Concepts and Strategies

Communities and companies, non-profit and for-profit...

Small-, medium- and large-businesses changing and developing Green Business Practices

Models and Ideas for Venturing into a Sustainable Future

New Economics, People and the Planet

Yes Magazine: Reclaiming the Commons

Sojourner: Reclaiming the Commons

Democracy Collaborative: Reclaiming the Commons

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Next System Project -

Community-wealth generation focus areas:

Community Wealth Cities
Community Wealth InfoGraphics
Community Wealth Interviews
Community Wealth Map
Wealth Videos
Anchor Institutions
The Cleveland Model
Community Development Corporations (CDCs)
Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs)
Land Trusts (CLTs)
Cooperatives (Co-ops)
Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)
Green Economy
Individual Wealth Building
Individual Wealth Preservation
Local Food Systems
Municipal Enterprise
New State & Local Policies
Outside the U.S.
Program Related Investments
Reclaiming the Commons
Social Enterprise
Responsible Investing
State Asset Building Initiatives
State and Local Investments
Transit Oriented Development
University & Community Partnerships
Worker Cooperatives


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