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Who imagined that a small number of environmentalists running an obscure organization called 350.org would help spark a climate-change movement that would spread globally in a startling fashion, mount a large demonstration in Washington and others across the planet, venture into the Arctic and by kayak into the waters of the American West, and actually stop the building of a pipeline slated to carry the carbon-dirtiest of energy sources from now-ravaged Alberta, Canada, to the American Gulf Coast, and -- with a growing divestment movement and other activities -- put the fear of god into the most profitable and influential corporations on the planet?

Bill McKibben, planet citizen

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SJS / Siterunner: In the early days of GreenPolicy360, one of our advisors Bill McKibben was imagining what could be done as he initiated 350.org.

A tip of our hat to adventurers who imagine what can be done.

And to all of us who act to make a difference.