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Next-Gen GDP: Going Beyond Gross Domestic Product

For the 21st century we need a modern growth measure

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GreenPolicy360: We're working on a new green "Eco-nomics"


Time for Smart Eco-nomics

(Intro from Eco-nomics @GreenPolicy360)

SJS - Steven J Schmidt / GreenPolicy360 Siterunner:

Our GreenPolicy360 vision is of a future that is healthy and focused on sustainability and quality of life, not simply classic economic metrics of GDP/GNP.

Our overall goals aim at sustainability and responsibility. Each generation faces the great challenges of its times. Our 21st century challenge is to develop a multi-dimensioned economics, one that does not exacerbate existential threats of climate change, and massive inequality, environmental destruction and loss of common purpose.

Our generation has to find news way going forward, a new vision, a 21st century vision and, toward this goal a new 'eco-nomics' is 'in-dev' at GreenPolicy360...

We are vested in protecting inalienable rights and offer a rights agenda based on a core set of values ensuring civil and minority rights, human rights, natural rights, women's rights.

We present a choice of opportunities, an array of green best practices that work to make a difference, a positive difference.

Now is the time for "finsec" action delivering real financial security, smart "eco-nomics", a 'quality of life' beyond GDP and with 'new definitions of national and global security'.

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GDP Needs New Metrics by Joseph Stiglitz (November 2019)

It's time to retire metrics like GDP. They don't measure everything that matters.

Beyond GDP by Joseph Stiglitz (December 2018)

Better Life Index - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development


Sustainable Eco-nomics, Renewable Energy, Green Jobs, Protection of 'The Commons',_Living_income

Strategic Demands in the 21st Century

Eco-nomics & Ecological Economics

Environmental Security, National Security