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Putin, Trump, Nuclear Risks / June 27, 2017

At the UN: Abolish Nuclear Weapons / Negotiations Continue


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Nuclear weapons remain one of the greatest threats to humankind


As attention focuses on the results of the upcoming months, a point that needs to be emphasized is the Iran deal will produce substantive P5+1 support and funding to develop additional capabilities of the IAEA. In turn, this support will develop a larger scope of the international agency to verify nuclear arms control actions and agreements over time.

This is a considerable, if yet unrecognized, accomplishment as nuclear proliferation issues are rising security threats internationally.

One need look no further than the recent collapse of the five-year Review Conference of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and the increasing tensions of a multi-polar ‘new Cold War‘.

The United Nations Non-Proliferation Review Conference concludes in disarray

In recent years, civil society has again turned its attention to the most destructive bomb ever created and voices demanding a prohibition on these indiscriminate weapons are growing stronger every day.

Past successes in the fields of disarmament, human and civil rights demonstrate the power of an engaged public, unified behind a clear cause with and actionable agenda, in achieving changes to government policy.




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