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[edit] About the Green Institute

  >The Green Institute is a forward-looking center for research and policy based on the global values of the Green movement: nonviolence, grassroots democracy, social justice and sustainability. As the first Green policy institute in the United States whose mission statement and scope of work is explicitly based on Green values, the Institute addresses domestic and foreign policy, the challenging "issues of the day, decade and beyond", and offers practical, real world solutions.


In 2011, the Green Institute posted the following message as it suspended operations:

Letter from the Executive Director (Archived from the Green Institute website)

Dean Myerson, White Salmon, Washington

Announcing the closure of the day-to-day operations of the Green Institute is a difficult task, but we will not be going away, as the results of our work will continue on. Our website will be accessible...

Our efforts and activities have been wide-ranging over the years... We have hosted panels on foreign policy, reforming the American political system, as well as at the US Social Forum in Atlanta...

One of our signature efforts was our green policy wiki database... which will now continue on independently as GreenPolicy360.net. We put extensive effort into researching and cataloging green policies and we are happy that it will continue to grow in the future with the guidance of Steven Schmidt who co-established our organizing effort and site.

We are also proud of the work we supported by author and historian Roger Morris and the science policy and interdisciplinary analysis from Tom Baugh.

Although this work was wide-ranging, at the base of it was always the principles of Green politics that drove us. We hope that this archived website is of interest and use to you.

Strategic Demands of the 21st Century A New Vision for a New World.jpg

Strategic Demands for the 21st Century: A New Vision for a New World (PDF)

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