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Environmental Security

Security is Indivisible

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Environmental Health Sciences-Climate


Environment 360


Generation Foundation

GP360-Digital Rights

Grist - Climate & Energy

Institute for Environmental Diplomacy & Security

Institute for Environmental Security

Millenium Project

NASA Earth Right Now

NASA Climate

NASA 'Scientific-consensus' on Climate Change

Natural Resources Defense Council

Nonproliferation Review

Oil Price

Stockholm Environment Institute

Strategic Demands

Sustainable Security

Truman National Security Project

Wilson Center-Environmental Change & Security

Wilson Center-New Security Beat

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The Evolving Field of Environmental Security

First conceptualized in the 1980s and 90s in seminal texts like Ultimate Security: The Environmental Basis of Political Security and drawing from fast-developing studies in environmental science, the wide-ranging field of Environmental Security, as we conceive it, must become essential in humanity's survival tool-kit.

GreenPolicy360, in association with Strategic Demands, continues its work to visualize Environmental Security as a critical field of global concern, study and development.

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Our work focuses on three strategic currents:

Environmental Security — enabled by the developing global Internet — connecting and bringing together online “netizens”, science and political ideas; re-defining security concepts and goals

Environmental Security — an interdisciplinary scientific venture — challenging traditional disciplines; addressing climate change/global warming, biosphere sustainability, and related threat environments; demanding solutions across national borders

Environmental Security — integrally connected to Earth exploration — creating next generation Earth Science with advanced technology, Earth systems observation, monitoring and data analysis; NASA and European Space Agency coordinated research; “New Space” companies and Planet APIs, space-earth ventures and open data sharing… new definitions of security, new best business practices, new concepts of national/global citizenship.

Planet Citizens

The Internet-enabled world is connecting billions and in the process is changing how we see...

How can we better see Environmental Security?

Earth Monitoring science be ‘rapidly deployed’ to evaluate and provide policy recommendations for essential national and global Environmental Security.

Recent scientific studies of varying urgency have demonstrated a wide range of threats to local/regional/national/international environments. ‘Existential’ questions have become a first-order, actionable priority.

Earth Science from space should have a distinctly critical role in security policy. A shift of emphasis from first-generation command-and-control military and communication applications in space is in process, as demonstrated by newly launched earth-facing programs, earth resource baselines, and acquiring data for #biosphere monitoring and wide-spectrum Environmental Security assessments.