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Steven J Schmidt

SJS | Siterunner @GreenPolicy360


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Ron Merkord, CalTech grad-laser engineer, writes to GreenPolicy360 / October 5, 2018

Reality check -- every single day, 365 days a year, our burning of fossil fuels now releases 112 million tons of carbon dioxide gas into our atmosphere. 112 million tons, every... single... day!

Of all the countries that signed the Paris Climate Accord, not a single country has held to the emissions cuts promised to even hold global temperature rise to +2C. Realistically, we are now on track for a +4C temp rise.

Try and picture what 112 million tons of something, every single day, actually looks like. For example, that is like 60 million cars (1 out of every 5 in the US) being vaporized into gas and put into our atmosphere, every... single... day. In just five days there would be no cars left in the US.

The scale of what we are doing is so astounding, our minds can't even picture the scale of what is really going on.

  • Steven Schmidt, GreenPolicy360 Siterunner responds / Elon Musk speaks of these external emissions as a vast chemical 'experiment'. I talk of a 'thin blue layer', our troposphere, into which we are pumping our 'externalities'. www.thinbluelayer.com




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