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On the Beach

Really, There's Nothing at All to Worry About


Don't Blame Me, Don't Blame Us, Invest in Florida

(What say you Florida politicians, climate change deniers --- Senator Marco Rubio, Governor Rick Scott, Republican-controlled Legislature?)

How Miami Beach Is Keeping the Florida Dream Alive — And Dry

Across the country, even the world, coastal cities are the front lines of climate-change planning, leap-frogging past the political debate to hatch immediate and often very expensive plans to fight the effects they are already living with. Miami Beach, all seven square miles of it, has placed itself at the leading edge of an existential fight facing the entirety of South Florida—230 miles of coastline running from Key West to Palm Beach. Driven by global warming, the sea level here has risen 9 inches over the past century and is predicted to rise at an accelerating pace by as much as another 6½ feet by 2100. Even the most conservative scientists anticipate a rise of at least 2 feet by 2060...

Updates from Florida

"Florida is Screwed"

The Presidential campaign comes to the 'Sunshine State'

Sunshine state pol updates -- Some environmental Carl Hiaasen riffing on Florida's Gov Scott, and a bit of Clinton & Sanders from the Miami Herald & TampaBay Times.

Clinton "mocked the Scott administration's directive to state employees not to use the words "climate change" and pledged to support renewable energy in Florida."

"Of Scott's order to state employees, she said: "I found this one hard to believe. I mean, you've just got to shake your head at that."

"When Republicans say they can't talk about climate change because they're not scientists, Clinston said, there's a cure for that: "Go talk to a scientist."

Sanders "also criticized Republicans for their obstinance on climate change, which he said is holding Florida back from becoming a leader in renewable energy."

"The state of Florida has an extraordinary natural resource: its called sunlight," Sanders said, "and this state should be a leader in the world in producing solar energy."

And from Florida, an Editorial re: political moves in the 'Sunshine State'... misnaming a constitutional amendment that would, in effect, *prevent sunshine/solar energy* from competing w/ the fossil fuel industry. The issue is now before the Court. Ivan Penn formerly w/ the St Pete Times, now w/ the LA Times, wrote extensively about energy issues in Florida. What a long-running story it is. A Tampa Bay Times Editorial speaks of the latest chapter of public good v lobbying power...

Problems? What Problems? Invest in Florida

The Primary Election Campaign / None of the Republican Candidates Support Action Against Climate Change

'Environmental Scorecard: Cruz and Rubio voted against every green bill,
and opposed every pro-environment, anti-pollution piece of legislation

Trump has taken things further, declaring he believes climate change a hoax

Mar-a-Lago? Or Mar-a-Lagoon

Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago club, sitting on a shifting 'barrier island' in Palm Beach, Florida


Banned in Florida: Government Frowns on the Use of the Term -- "Climate Change"

Ft. Lauderdale, On the Front Lines of Rising Seas

Beyond ludicrous politics in Florida March2015.png

Florida International University Researchers Tackle Sea Level Rise

Rising seas in South Florida, PBS-2014 - South Florida Rising Seas - PBS

Big Energy companies in Florida look to "gut energy savings goals"

In Florida, fossil fuel energy co's have their way in a pro-fossil fueled legis and w/ the gov. Today we read the energy co's are officially against renewables, incl solar in the "Sunshine State", claiming to the PSC that energy 'savings' are bad (for them) and then there's the 'if they can't grow, they'll die' argument (so pay more, use more, pollute more, greenhouse more, sea rise more, not to worry, bigger better, more better.) What's wrong w/ this picture?

Scientists petition the governor

Southeast Florida Climate Compact

Adaptation action-ICLEI model

Resiliency against sea-level rise

NASA study of Southeast Florida Vulnerability to Sea-Level Rise

Florida and the Surging Seas, a Vulnerability Assessment

Miami in Deep

South Florida Faces Ominous Prospects from Rising Waters / NYT

Rising Seas: South Florida, Inching toward Disaster

Florida - Impact of Sea Level Rise on Energy and Water

A 2014 report released by the research and journalism group Climate Central found that 2,120 square miles of land lie less than 3 feet above the high tide line in Florida.

Climate Central found that $71 billion of Florida property sits on land less than two feet above the high tide line.

This means 300,000 homes, or around $145 billion in property value, are at flood risk....

Sea-Level Rise

Climate News

Miami region sea level rise.gif

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