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Why shop at your local Farmes Market

Find your local Farmers Market in the US


SJS / Siterunner:

>I continue thinking that Rebecca of Google Earth Outreach (and a friend of ours at Bioneers) can assist with the goal of making it easier to find local Farmers Markets online via Google Maps -- Rebecca, think about a quick link for use w/ smartphones, dedicated mapping of Farmers Markets close by to wherever someone is, in the US, and/or Canada, and everywhere !

>Here is what your editor/siterunner posted to Google and Rebecca Moore on Earth Day -- Apr 22, 2013... Think about it Rebecca, Farmers Markets mapping added to Google Outreach ...

>Today on Earth Day the LA Times offers earthy tips including a local Farmers Markets map that has the seeds of a good map-app idea for Google Outreach... Rebecca, plz consider doing a US Farmers Markets map' as an option/app w/ Google Maps ... Give us updated "Farmers Market" maps (w/ scheduled times they are planned to be open) for every local community!

>Steven Schmidt to Google Outreach Director Rebecca Moore, we're making mapping progress!

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