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Community Supported Agriculture (US)

The History of Community Supported Agriculture, Part I Community Farms in the 21st Century: Poised for Another Wave of Growth?

The first in a two-part series exploring the birth of the CSA movement in the United States as well as the potentials for this growing and successful model of community agriculture.

The History of Community Supported Agriculture, Part II CSA’s World of Possibilities

When Steven McFadden first wrote about CSAs back in 1990, there were about 60 CSAs in the country. Now in 2004, he says, there are around 1,700 ... and he sees a strong potential for another wave of CSA development, a wave that could not only triple or quadruple the number of CSAs over the next few years, but also raise in importance the role these farms play in their communities.

CSA Resources/Locations (US)


National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service -

More than 12,500 farms distributing fresh produce in neighborhoods around the United States

Growing Small Farms -

Eat Well (Database searchable by Keyword - Zipcode - City/State) -

Just Food -

CSA Coalition (Wisconsin (good local/regional model) -

Farm-to-Table Movement -