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[http://www.greenpolicy360.net/w/GreenPolicy360-eOS#News <font color=green>'''''GreenPolicy News]'''''</font>
[http://www.greenpolicy360.net/w/GreenPolicy360-eOS#News <font color=green>'''''GreenPolicy News]'''''</font>
Tag: Eco-nomics, a 21st Century paradigm in development @GreenPolicy360

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How can greens rise to the challenge of global politics and have substantive and meaningful impact globally? Clearly, the times in which we live demand green values and solutions. “Think globally, act locally” captures a green ethic yet climate change/global warming and a litany of threats to our earth’s future go beyond a call to local action. A green strategy that is comprehensive, diverse and empowered in every community is needed to join local actions into green networking and a rippling, powerful global wave.

-- Steven Schmidt

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Networking effective green politics on a global, international scale...

eOS - Part One - Global Best Practices

eOS - Part Two - ECO OS Challenges & Opportunities

eOS - Part Three - Seeing the World in New Ways

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eOS featured in Green Horizon

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eOS Part 1 / December 2013

eOS Part 2 / June 2014

eOS Part 3 / December 2014

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eOS @GreenPolicy360

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GreenPolicy News

Tag: Eco-nomics, a 21st Century paradigm in development @GreenPolicy360

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