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Los Angeles, CA, US

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Type: Policy

Status: In Effect

Source File: http://www.ladwp.com/ladwp/cms/ladwp000787.jsp


The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) has an interesting solar rooftop incentive program with a goal to have 100,000 systems on rooftops in LA by the year 2010. We like this particular program because it gives an extra incentive to systems that are manufactured locally inside Los Angeles. The solar power program has been authorized a total budget of $150 million through June 30, 2011.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the tremendous number of requests for solar incentives from their customers, LADWP anticipates to fully allocate the 2004-2005 budget for incentives and has stopped accepting any new applications. Those customers who have a confirmed reservation number can continue to move forward with their installation and will receive an incentive upon completion of program requirements. As of July 2003, over 500 applications were on a waiting list and will only be issued confirmed reservation numbers when funds are available.

The typical installation consists of thirty-six solar photovoltaic (PV) modules arranged in six panels. These panels collect solar energy and convert it to electric power that is delivered directly into the electricity lines that serve the city. A typical 2kW residential rooftop solar system produces 3,600 kW hours per year.

The incentive program began September 1, 2000. The purchase price of eligible solar rooftop systems is reduced with incentive funds. Any DWP customer, residential or commercial, can participate. Solar rooftop systems are sold by the amount of electricity they produce, or "watts." A 2,000 watt (2kW) system will supply a typical LA home with about 50% of its yearly power needs.

The cost of eligible solar PV systems is reduced with incentive funds, which function like rebates. LADWP customers, both residential and commercial, may participate. As of March 2005, the LADWP is providing an incentive of $3.50/watt for qualified PV equipment. To qualify, equipment must be Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL)-listed, and also be approved and listed by the California Energy Commission. The solar program also includes an LA Manufacturing Credit, in which a system will qualify for an additional incentive if it is manufactured in Los Angeles. The incentive for PV systems made by a qualified Los Angeles manufacturer is currently an additional $1.00/Watt, for a total maximum Incentive of $4.50/Watt.

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