Kelowna, British Columbia Solar Powered Lighting Project

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Kelowna, Canada

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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The City of Kelowna is working with Carmanah Technologies Corporation to equip the community’s parks, paths and other public spaces with solar-powered LED lighting technology as part of its commitment to sustainability. The City will install 100 Carmanah EverGEN™ solar-powered area lights over the next 12 months.

The sunshine city, Kelowna receives more than 2000 hours of sunshine a year making it a great location for solar energy technology. The Kelowna project will be the largest installation of the EverGEN to date.

The project has been made possible with the assistance of:

  • a Government of Canada grant of $500,000
  • a contribution of $530,000 from Carmanah
  • a contribution of $128,000 from the City to cover installation costs

Solar-powered technology
The Carmanah self-contained solar lighting is a unique design where the solar panel, batteries and control electronics are uniquely contained within the “solar engine”.

The EverGen™ solar-powered area lights are the latest evolution in product design providing more power and illumination than previous models. Each unit also contains an energy management system which can be programmed to meet the needs of various locations; for example the lights can be programmed to dim at certain hours of the night to consume less power and provide better illumination when required.

The batteries will have a five to six year lifespan; the LED (light emitting diode) light fixtures have 10 year lifespans.

Project sites


  • City Hall
  • Mission Recreation Park Aquatic Centre


  • Avonlea Park
  • Brent’s Grist Mill
  • Dilworth Mountain Park
  • Ellison Dog Park
  • Enterprise Dog Park
  • Glenmore Dog Park
  • Manhattan Park and Manhattan Point Park
  • Martin Park
  • Mission Dog Park
  • Redridge Park
  • Rotary Marsh Walkway
  • Sumac Park
  • Surtees Heritage Park
  • Wigglesworth Park


  • Glenmore Landfill
  • Compost Facility

Transit Facilities

  • Key crosswalks on Rails with Trails on existing Central Okanagan Multi-modal Corridor
  • Various downtown parking lot pay kiosks
  • Mission Recreation Park bus exchange
  • Select stations along the new Bus Rapid Transit System

Reducing our environmental footprint
Carmanah and the City of Kelowna will be monitoring the lights over the next year to evaluate performance in field conditions. Data analysis will be conducted by NRCan to determine power savings and the reduction in carbon footprint.

In addtion to this project, the City has installed 22 solar-powered parking kiosks in the downtown and 51 solar-powered pedestrian signals.

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