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Blowing in the Wind: End of the Road for the Gas 'n Oil Machine,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/fxr7x4abwyzozqs0dyvk.jpg

October 2016 / German Lawmakers Vote to Ban the Internal Combustion Engine

The modern internal combustion engine first came from Germany and now Germany's legislature, the Bundesrat has passed a resolution to ban the ICE beginning in 2030.

Germany’s Spiegel Magazine reported that the country’s top legislative body was able to reach a multi-partisan agreement that hopes to allow only zero-emission vehicles on EU roads in 14 years. For the resolution to be instituted across Europe, it will have to be approved by the EU.

According to Forbes, “German regulations traditionally have shaped EU and UNECE regulations.”

Greens party lawmaker Oliver Krischer told Spiegel, “If the Paris agreement to curb climate-warming emissions is to be taken seriously, no new combustion engine cars should be allowed on roads after 2030.”

Forbes / Germany's Bundesrat Resolves End Of Internal Combustion Engine

Diesel and gasoline-powered vehicles officially are an endangered species in Germany, and possibly all of the EU. This after Germany’s Bundesrat has passed a resolution to ban the internal combustion engine starting in 2030, Germany’s Spiegel Magazin writes. Higher taxes may hasten the ICE’s departure.

An across-the-aisle Bundesrat resolution calls on the EU Commission in Brussels to pass directives assuring that “latest in 2030, only zero-emission passenger vehicles will be approved” for use on EU roads. Germany’s Bundesrat is a legislative body representing the sixteen states of Germany...

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