Quincy College, MA Policy on Racial Harassment

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Quincy College, MA, US

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Type: Policy

Status: In Effect

Source File: http://www.quincycollege.edu/qc/news/policies/policy063.htm



1. Policy: Quincy College is dedicated not only to learning, but also to the development of ethnically sensitive and responsible programs and persons. Because the College prepares individuals for participation in an increasingly diverse world, the climate of college life must be one in which academic freedom prevails along with respect for and tolerance of cultural, ethnic, racial, and religious differences. The College seeks to achieve these goals through sound educational programs and conduct policies that encourage effective collaborations, productive individual contributions and professional responsibility. Racial harassment, clearly in conflict with the general mission of this College, is strictly prohibited.

II. Definition: Racial harassment includes, but is not limited to, verbal, physical, or written abuse directed towards an individual or group on the basis of race or racial affiliation. While some examples of racial harassment such as physical and verbal assaults are easily identified, more frequent and generalized instances such as blatant or subtle graffiti and insensitive use of language, including epithets and humor, often go unacknowledged. Both types, however, can be equally damaging and depending on the circumstances can be considered by definition to be a form of discrimination.

As a public institution, the College policies must be consistent with existing state and federal constitutions and civil rights laws. In keeping with the College’s role as an educational institution, however, the College policy regarding racial harassment is stringent in defining unacceptable behavior.

Beyond state law and college regulations, Quincy College sees as part of its educational mission the responsibility for creating an open environment which develops and nurtures respect for cultural and linguistic differences, and seeks to educate its members of the need for all types of diversity within its community.

III. Procedures: If an employee feels that he/she has been a victim of racial harassment he/she is encouraged to contact the Executive Staff Team Member of his/her program or department and the Director of Human Resources. In keeping with the applicable federal and state regulations, the same procedures as outlined under the Sexual Harassment Policy shall apply.

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