Amherst, MA Fair Trade Resolution

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Amherst, MA, US

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted on 11/7/07

Vote: Unanimous

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ARTICLE 9. Petition – Resolution – Fair Trade

WHEREAS, “Fair Trade” is an innovative, market economy system that promotes fair labor practices and healthy, safe work environments through the production of food and other products; and

WHEREAS, Fair Trade provides procedures with fair prices that translates into truly livable wages; and

WHEREAS, production of Fair Trade goods is achieved through sustainable and ecologically friendly means thus supporting the future of a healthy planet for all; and

WHEREAS, millions of people have had their standard of living significantly raised through the simple act of educated consumers selecting and asking for Fair Trade products:

Now Therefore Be It resolved, that Amherst Representative Town Meeting encourages the Town Manager to establish a procedure to maximize purchase of Fair Trade Certified products in the process of procuring necessary goods for the Town, said established procedure to be informed by the fact of Town Manager’s authority to execute contracts and oversee procurement and to adhere to the strict statutory requirements that the Town Manager must follow when purchasing products for Town use;

Be it further resolved, that Amherst Town Meeting calls upon the Select Board to consider working to ensure ongoing education, media exposure and commitment to “Fair Trade” and to encourage businesses and institutions to use and sell Fair Trade Certified products whenever possible for the well being of producers, consumers and the planet;

Be it further resolved, that Town Meeting calls upon the Select Board to consider forming a town committee in order to take a more active role in the future on issues of Fair Trade if it proves productive for the Town to act in an official capacity.”