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Food Forests Around the World / Locations Map


Agroforestry, a Rich New Growing System

Agroforestry... land use management system in which ... trees or shrubs grown around or among crops or pastureland.

This intentional combination of agriculture and forestry has many sustainable benefits, including increasing biodiversity, water saving and reduced erosion, localism and food independence...

Thinking of Tammy Davis in the Hawaiian Islands

The Resonance Project property I managed for 3.5 years. In addition to the existing lychee and mangosteen trees, we planted 7 breadfruit trees, 7 + cacao trees, vanilla vines, avocado trees, soursop, loquat, malibar chestnut, rollenia, 14 varieties of bananas, 2 kinds Thai Papayas, pineapples, loads of cassava, sweet potato, sugar cane, kava kava and there were over 60 coconut trees, many mature yielding ones, and about 50 just coming mature along the driveway. We had just dug out and planted a huge new lo'i for the taro we had planted in the irrigation ditches all along the property line. In addition to the greenhouse full of starts constantly pumping out fresh plantings to a nice fenced 200 sq. ft annual garden, where we grew lettuce, kale, chard, mustard, collards, broccoli, carrots, cilantro, cherry tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, peas and beans, etc., And all around in the landscape we were growing loads of lilikoi, tulsi, katuk, chaya, Pacific spinach, lemongrass, New Zealand spinach, Egyptian perennial kale, dasheen, tumeric/olena, ginger, comfrey, cotton, edible hibiscus, wing beans, long beans, lima beans, kabocha squash...and we had honey bees and laying hens....

Tammy Davis ventures on and suggests we 'take a look at a next wave'...

Beyond Agroforestry? An Introduction to Syntropic Farming

Agroforestry systems can work in Mediterranean or temperate climate, going beyond the tropics -- “You just have to combine the right species, observe and manage”...

Syntropic Farming is gaining in popularity, with small- and large-scale farmers, activists, political actors, curious researchers and students. A new generation consider Swiss farmer Ernst Götsch system as an advanced form of agroforestry, with potential to reconcile high productivity demands with large-scale regeneration.


Explore a Vibrant Forest Garden

An Amazing How-to Story in the UK

Martin Crawford growing a wondrous forest garden

Agroforestry ... Edible Landscapes, The Food Forest Revolution

Industrial agriculture, monoculture, brings unsustainable impacts with loss of forest land and loss of fertile soil. Big corporate petro-chemical growing regimens lead to water pollution, aquifer depletion, environmental and adverse health impacts. The reduction of critical CO2 absorption that forests provide is becoming a profound problem. What can agro-forests provide as an alternative to industrial ag?


From the Edible Landscapes Filmmaker

Increasing food production by expanding conventional agriculture leads directly to large-scale deforestation which in turn is destroying biodiversity, damaging water cycles, and driving devastating climatic change.

Rethinking forests as our food larder is the only way to simultaneously stop deforestation while providing food through a democratic supply chain.

A forest garden or food forest is a plant growing system modeled on the structure of a young natural woodland, utilizing plants that bring direct and indirect benefits to people - mostly edible plants. Humanity has been producing abundant food in forest gardens since the dawn of civilization. The crops which can be produced include fruits, nuts, edible leaves, spices, medicinal plant products, poles, fibres, basketry materials, honey, fuelwood, fodder, mulches, sap products, and on and on...

The structure and diversity of forest gardens ensure that they are resilient to the impacts of climate change including extreme weather conditions like droughts and heavy rain. The beauty of forest gardens is that they are so perfectly suited to collective engagement, functioning as well in urban spaces as in rural ones.


Agroforestry, a Model for a Thriving Future

Moving to sustainability, resilience, smart ag, independent ag, localism, community-based, planning and self-sufficiency...

Perennial species, especially trees and tree 'gardens' in the attainment of improved staple crop yields; provision of nutritious traditional food; the reduction of poverty, hunger, malnutrition while reducing environmental degradation; the improvement of rural livelihoods; and mitigation of climate change with a programme of Integrated Rural Development...

Agroforestry Educational Videos

Farm Center: Reforestation in Hawaii

Neil Logan / Sophia Bowart

Tammy Davis / Keith D'Agostino ...

The Word Is Out: Agroforestry

Craig Elevitch

The term agroforestry is a relatively new word in the English language that describes agricultural practices, such as many of those employed by Pacific Islanders for millennia.

The word refers to the practice of growing trees combined with crops and/or animals in ways that create benefits from their interactions.

The term agroforestry applies to food forests, shade-grown cropping, windbreaks, timber trees with livestock, trees for coastal protection, and many other practices. All of these agricultural systems can increase productivity compared with conventional agriculture. Agroforestry systems tend to have less pest and disease problems, provide natural weed control, and require less fertilizer and other outside inputs compared with conventional agriculture. They also provide long-term benefits for the soil and watershed.

Food forests are an enduring example of agroforestry.



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