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Welcome to Day 1 of a new GreenPRO website, now "GreenPolicy360.net".

We are a green network as our new .net domain name suggests. We are built on a MediaWiki platform. We are grassroots-powered and open to 'greens of all colors' who are working in good faith to create a better world. We are a meeting place for discovering best practices, that is, practical solutions for day-to-day problems. We are a "clearinghouse", a "database", a go-to-resource where you can find, share, upload/download information for your green community, your personal efforts, changes that will make a real difference.

Picture a place where a keyword can deliver multiple examples of proposals, resolutions, real-world models for your town, village, city or state. Consider how immediate access to forms, applications and plans that have worked in the past can power up your dreams and activism, your petition to a city council for a green belt (based on an already successful model, say from Portland, OR) or a game plan for a community-wide tree planting effort designed to produce substantial, sustainable benefits for decades. With multiple points-of-action and on-message results, GreenPolicy360 can be utilized by any community around the globe.

Look for your interest in our categories of action, topics, notable cities, locations... Take the model practices and resources you find here and put them to good use... Employ them, recyle them, spread the word and “practice what you dream”, the ripple effects will be amazing and the world will shift a little toward a balance with nature and a sustainable, healthy environment.

We envision our new site to be your site. Do you have a green success story? Add your story in the form of your local government/community efforts and achievements to our Green wiki site.

We are growing again after a few years of hiatus.

"GreenPolicy360.net, the place to find best practices to create a green world.”

- Steven Schmidt Co-organizer/Siterunner

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