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Recently Added
Policy Topics:

Plus maps of Australia and the United Kingdom.

Welcome to Day 1 of a new GreenPRO website, now "GreenPolicy360.net".

We are a green network as our new .net domain name suggests. We are built on a MediaWiki platform. We are grassroots-powered and open to 'greens of all colors' who are working in good faith to create a better world. We are a meeting place for discovering best practices, that is, practical solutions for day-to-day problems. We are a "clearinghouse", a "database", a go-to-resource where you can find, share, upload/download information for your green community, your personal efforts, changes that will make a real difference.

Picture a place where a keyword can deliver multiple examples of proposals, resolutions, real-world models for your town, village, city or state. Consider how immediate access to forms, applications and plans that have worked in the past can power up your dreams and activism, your petition to a city council for a green belt (based on an already successful model, say from Portland, OR) or a game plan for a community-wide tree planting effort designed to produce substantial, sustainable benefits for decades. With multiple points-of-action and on-message results, GreenPolicy360 can be utilized by any community around the globe.

Look for your interest in our categories of action, topics, notable cities, locations... Take the model practices and resources you find here and put them to good use... Employ them, recyle them, spread the word and “practice what you dream”, the ripple effects will be amazing and the world will shift a little toward a balance with nature and a sustainable, healthy environment.

We envision our new site to be your site. Do you have a green success story? Add your story in the form of your local government/community efforts and achievements to our Green wiki site.

We are growing again after a few years of hiatus.

"GreenPolicy360.net, the place to find best practices to create a green world.”

- Steven Schmidt Co-organizer/Siterunner

Flash - GP360 Action Network - Flash

AB 275, Rainwater Capture Act of 2011 makes it legal for all Californian's to capture rainwater, thus decreasing stormwater runoff, increasing groundwater infiltration, and offsetting unnecessary potable water use for things like landscape watering. Wholly H2O, which helped craft the bill, considers this legislation a no brainer for California, a state whose water sources and their ecosystems are over taxed and under cared for.

Yet, there are bill opponents talking directly to the Governor and asking him to veto the bill. We would like to see as many people as possible contact the Governor to request a signature. Please support AB 275, Rainwater Capture Act of 2011 by writing Governor Brown before October 8th.

More Info on AB 275:

Can rainwater capture help quench California's thirst?

Our Purpose

GreenPolicy360 is an online database which lists local legislation that is congruent with Green values. Unlike numerous other web sites, we don't offer analysis and summaries of the legislation, but the wording of the legislation itself along with other pertinent information, including a link to the original source. In time, we hope to offer interesting background information for many of the entries listed in our database. There are literally hundreds of entries and the database is growing all the time!! See the Introduction Video.

GreenPolicy360 was developed for use by all sorts of people. Whether you're a progressive elected official, an activist or a concerned citizen, GreenPolicy360 lets you know how other communities are dealing with many of the key public policy issues of yesterday, today and tomorrow. If you're working to craft similar legislation for your local community OR you just want to get an idea of what might be possible, you can copy and paste the text from legislation from other locales and modify it to your own needs.

GreenPolicy360 is also an excellent reference source for students of all ages! Whether you're studying public policy administration, urban planning, or any of a wide array of topics, GreenPolicy360 will save you time and energy. Rather than spend hours and hours trying to locate source material, you will find much of what you're looking for right here, right now.

How to Use this Site:

Our team has worked very hard to make it easy for you to find what you're looking for! We've created a lot of different tools and avenues for you to choose from. These are outlined below.

You can also watch a tutorial in this movie.


1) Browse our Master Index

The Master Index is broken down into categories and lists every single entry in GreenPolicy360.

2) Google Maps

Are you a visual person? Do you want to see what kinds of Green legislation and programs have been introduced and/or passed in your locale? You can search by Cities, Counties and Educational Institutions.

3) Browse/Search GreenPolicy360 through the use of a wide variety of categories

Have you stopped by to see if you can find a specific piece of local legislation or are you merely interested in discovering what might be possible to introduce in your community?

4) Searching the site on your own terms

Simply enter your search words in the box to the left and click on Policy Search. You can enter subject words, place names, anything you want, and in any combination you want. Please be aware that searches must be at least three characters long. The database will not search for two-character search strings.

5) A Note about the "background info" tab

As we continue to develop the various capabilities of GreenPolicy360, it is our intent to provide you with more background information in the form of summaries, analyses, news article, interviews and first person narratives.
To know whether or not any given entry possesses background information, all you need to identify is the color of the tab. If the tab has blue lettering, then the entry does include background information. If the tab has red lettering, it means that it does NOT include background information...yet.

More help or ideas

Is there a category that you think should be included in our database that isn't? If so, send your category suggestions to Trey, or leave a public message Trey's talk page

Consult Mark or the User's Guide for information on using this wiki software.

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