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Ground Truth

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Ground Truth on Strategic Demands

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Geosciences water quality monitoring satellite-map africa.jpg

[edit] Earth Science/Environmental Monitoring

The goal of the Earth Observing project is "improved understanding of the Earth as an integrated system"...

"We need to understand the Earth's atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere, and biosphere as a single connected system. Our planet is changing on all spatial and temporal scales. The purpose of NASA's Earth science program is to develop a scientific understanding of Earth's system and its response to natural or human-induced changes, and to improve prediction of climate, weather, and natural hazards."



Atmospheric Monitoring, generation 1.0

OCO-2 / Orbiting Carbon Observatory continues on its history-making mission'

Earth science research from space

How thin the atmosphere "Environmental Security" [1]

“You can manage only what you can measure”

You can manage only what you can measure Dr David Crisp, OCO-2, June 2014 m.jpg

Add your #PlanetCitizen talent to a future of seeing with an #EarthPOV

NASA Earth Sciences Asks Public to Join In Earth Right Now [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

Isn't it time to take a closer view, an earth point of view?


Sea-Level Monitoring





New Space

A New Era of Space Startups

A generation of micro-satellites focusing on #PlanetEarth


Democratising Access to Information about the Changing Planet Planet Labs.png

Mission: "Democratizing Access to Information About the Changing Planet"

Doves fly... Launch of New Flock of Dove Satellites to Image Earth

[edit] GreenPolicy360.net

As a #PlanetCitizen Where are you on #PlanetEarth?





-- #EarthScience, #GeoScience, #Earth360, #EarthPOV, #PlanetCitizen, #EnvironmentalSecurity


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