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Westminster, CO, US

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Type: Program

Status: Launched in 1985

Source File: http://www.ci.westminster.co.us/city/outdoors.htm


Preserving open spaces throughout the city has been a priority in Westminster for more than 20 years. Since 1985, when voters first approved a sales tax specifically earmarked to acquire and maintain open space, the city has bought more than 2,700 acres in all parts of Westminster. These vital open space areas preserve essential view corridors in the city, enhance recreational opportunities for residents through a series of interconnected trails, and sustain a rich variety of plants and wildlife.

The Open Space program operates under the direction of the Open Space Coordinator, Heather Cronenberg. The Department of Parks, Recreation and Libraries operates and maintains land within the open space program.

The Open Space Advisory Board provides public input and makes recommendations to City Council regarding prospective open space acquisitions. This board is responsible for identifying and prioritizing potential open space acquisitions, to maintain and protect the aesthetic, historical, cultural and significant natural resources of the city.

The Open Space Volunteer Program was created to help maintain and preserve the city open space holdings. A variety of projects are scheduled monthly (weather permitting), including trail building, tree wrapping, fence repair and installation, wetland plantings and Russian olive management.

One of the outstanding amenities provided to the citizens of Westminster is the city's trail system. The Big Dry Creek Trail is one of the jewels of the open space system, extending approximately 10 miles from the eastern boundary of the city to Standley Lake. Other trails, available for jogging, biking, wildlife viewing and enjoying the outdoors, have been constructed along the Farmers’ High Line Canal, Walnut Creek and Little Dry Creek.

In addition, the city has preserved large expanses of land in the magnificent Standley Lake Regional Park, the Colorado Hills area, and areas reflecting the history of Westminster. Other significant open space areas are the lakes and ponds conserved at Ketner Lake Open Space, Hidden Lake Open Space, McKay Lake Open Space, Margaret’s Pond and Vogel Pond, to name a few. City Park, the recreational centers and many other neighborhood and community parks provide facilities for all citizens.

Want to learn more about all that Westminster's open space offers? Check out the complete series of open space articles originally published in City Edition: Wide Open Spaces, Westminster: Land of Lakes, The Hills of Westminster and Westminster's Wild Kingdom.

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