Warren Wilson College, NC Campus Sustainability Initiatives

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Warren Wilson College, NC, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Adopted

Source File: http://www.warren-wilson.edu/environmental/initiatives.php


Campus Sustainability Initiatives
Warren Wilson College seeks to provide an education combining the liberal arts, work, and service with a strong commitment to environmental responsibility and cross-cultural understanding in a setting that promotes wisdom, spiritual growth, and contribution to the common good.

Warren Wilson demonstrates its strong commitment to environmental responsibility through these commitments:

  • strive within the limits of practical considerations to conserve energy and resources, reduce waste, purchase environmentally friendly products, and minimize our adverse impact on the surrounding environment.
  • recognize and promote efforts to increase a deep, aesthetic, spiritually based awareness of our connection to the environment among the members of this and the larger community.
  • promote sound environmental citizenship by consciously supporting programs and behaviors that display a willingness to sacrifice personal interests and conveniences for a larger ecological integrity.
  • promote sound institutional practices, which balance environmental concerns with the long-term well being of the college.
  • respect and apply the College's Environmental Commitment Statement, Pattern Language and commitment to the Talloires Declaration.

Demonstrating Commitment
The following areas have developed sustainability initiatives that demonstrate the colleges commitment to environmental responsibility:

Environmental Literacy

  • Environmental Education student working at the North Carolina Coastal Federation
  • Conservation Biology student working with the National Audubon Society's Seabird Restoration Program
  • Conservation Biology student working at the Tom Yawkey Wildlife Preserve
  • Teaching EcoTeam Environmental Education Curriculum in third grade

Food Systems

  • Student-conceived "Cow Pie" vegetarian cafe
  • Cow Pie herb garden
  • Food supplied from college garden
  • Compost program in cafeteria


  • Student-initiated biodiesel program for vehicles and equipment
  • Hybrid cars in the college motorpool
  • Public transportation
  • Solar-charged electric golfcarts

Green Building Practices

  • Alternative building methods
  • Campus-harvested and milled lumber and recycled materials
  • Buildings constructed to LEEDS standards
  • EcoDorm, planned with students, showcases environmental living

Land Use

  • Sustainable farming practices
  • Managed forests (with soy-based chainsaw bar oil)
  • Propane-powered equipment
  • Gardening to organic standards

Recycling and Waste Management

  • Campus-wide recycling program
  • "Free Store" for used goods
  • Student Garbology studies

Energy Conservation

  • EPA Green Light Compliance through use of compact fluorescents
  • SIPs insulation
  • PV powered street lamp
  • Use of active and passive solar energy in green design
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