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Toronto, Canada

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Type: Program

Status: Ongoing

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ICI & Multi-unit Residential Toilet Replacement

Replace water guzzling toilets with water efficient models and the City will pay you:

  • $60 per low flow six-litre toilet installed.
  • $75 per high efficiency toilet installed.
  • $150 per rear-exit six-litre or less toilet installed.
  • up to $150 per per six-litre or less flush-valve toilet.

The City of Toronto's Toilet Replacement Program for multi-unit residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings wants you to replace old toilets with water-efficient six-litre toilets. Important: Not all six litre toilets and bowl types/shapes are eligible for a cash incentive. Be sure to make your selection from the City-selected list and choose the bowl types/shapes (elongated, round, ADA) shown with each model.

Who is eligible?
To be eligible for the program:

  • you must select new toilet from the City-selected list (PDF)
  • your building must be classified as a multi-unit residential* or an industrial, commercial or institutional property located in the City of Toronto (includes retail outlet, office, government, school, hotel, hospital, factory, warehouse, manufacturer).
  • you must have existing toilets with a flush volume of 13 litres or more
  • your building must have had a municipal water meter for a minimum of two years
  • your building must be the sole destination of the water passing through the water meter

*Note: multi-unit residential buildings must have seven or more units.

How the program works
Selected applicants will be notified in writing. Once notified, selected applicants will have 120 days to work with a licenced City of Toronto plumber or contractor to install City-selected toilets and provide the City with:

  • the unaltered and dated sales receipt for the approved number of six-litre toilets showing the make and model
  • proof of proper disposal of the old toilets
  • a signed Building Toilet Inventory List (PDF) showing the location (suite number, floor number) and the make, model and number of six-litre toilets installed at that location.
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