Otter Tail County, MN Support for a Wind Project

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Otter Tail County, MN, US

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted on 6/27/06

Vote: Unanimous

Source File:


Otter Tail County Resolution No. 2006 - 52
Support for a Wind Project

WHEREAS, agriculture and energy are a major and integral part of Otter Tail County’s and State of Minnesota’s economic security, and

WHEREAS, the Minnesota State Legislature has directed-electric utility’s providing service in Minnesota to facilitate locally owned wind energy projects, and

WHEREAS, Otter Tail County recognizes that wind energy projects can and should play a larger role in providing energy through locally generated wind projects, and

WHEREAS, Otter Tail County wind projects will contribute economically to Otter Tail County by way of property tax payments, land lease payments, local ownership and ancillary benefits, and

WHEREAS, localized wind energy projects support economic development, and

WHEREAS, wind energy development within the State lessens the State of Minnesota’s dependence on the importation of electricity from North Dakota and Manitoba, and

WHEREAS, wind energy projects mitigate pollution generated by fossil fuel, an

WHEREAS, the mitigation of pollution supports recreational activities such as fishing, hunting, and other outdoor activities, and

WHEREAS, PlainStates Energy has proposed a project consisting of 30 MW of wind generated electricity, and

WHEREAS, the wind project will sell the wind generated electricity to Minnesota Power, and

WHEREAS, the wind project is currently known as the Bear Creek Wind Energy Project, and

WHEREAS, the project is located primarily in Woodside and Oak Valley Townships in Otter Tail County.

BE IT RESOLVED, that Otter Tail County Board of Commissioners go publicly on record supporting the wind project in Otter Tail County, being developed by Plain States Energy.

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