Mars Area School District, PA Integrated Pest Management Policy

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Mars Area School District, PA, US

Type: Policy

Status: Adopted on 3/11/03

Source File: Click here


The school district shall utilize integrated pest management procedures to manage structural and landscape pests and the toxic chemicals used for their control in or to alleviate pest problems with the least possible hazard to people, property, and the environment.

The district shall integrate Integrated Pest Management (IPM) education into the curriculum in accordance with relevant academic standards. (Title 22 Sec. 4.12)

Integrated Pest Management is the coordinated use of pest and environmental information to design and implement pest control methods that are economically, environmentally and socially sound. IPM promotes prevention over remediation, and it advocates the integration of at least two (2) or more strategies to achieve long-term solutions.

The Board establishes that the school district shall use pesticides only after consideration of the full range of alternatives, based on analysis of environmental effects, safety, effectiveness and costs. (3 P.S. Sec. 111.21-111.61, 7 Pa. Code Chap. 128).

The Superintendent or designee shall be responsible to implement integrated pest management procedures and to coordinate communications between the district and the approved contractor. The Board shall designate an employee to serve as IPM coordinator for the district.

Pest management strategies may include education, exclusion, sanitation, maintenance, biological and mechanical controls, and site appropriate pesticides.

An integrated pest management decision shall consist of the following five (5) steps:

1. Pest species identification.
2. Estimate pest populations and compare to established action thresholds.
3. Select the appropriate management tactics based on current on-site information.
4. Assess effectiveness of pest management.
5. Keep appropriate records.

The district shall establish and maintain accurate records of all pest management activities, including pest surveillance, structural repairs and modifications, trapping, baiting and pesticide applications.

All appropriate personnel involved in making pest management decisions shall take part in update training.

An Integrated Pest Management Program shall include the education of staff, students and the public about IPM policies and procedures.

Information regarding pest management activities, including pesticide use, shall be available to the public at district administrative offices.

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