Madison, WI Adopting the Natural Step Model for Eco-Municipalities

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Madison, WI, US

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted on 12/13/05

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File Number: 02486
Adopting The Natural Step Model For Eco-Municipalities As A Guiding Framework For The City Of Madison's Sustainable City Program And Providing Training In Both The Natural Step And Retro-Commissioning For City Staff.

WHEREAS, the city of Madison has the opportunity to be among the first In the US to use this overarching framework as a compass to guide and catalyze its decisions and actions toward a sustainable future;

WHEREAS, the TNS framework has been shown to promote shared understanding and to facilitate development of strategic pathways of how to operate and implement sustainably based initiatives, strategic planning, operations and actions;

WHEREAS, The Natural Step is a scientifically based approach to develop ecologically, economically and socially healthy communities for the long-term;

WHEREAS, the Sustainable Design and Energy Committee has recommended that the Natural Step model for Communities be adopted by the City of Madison as its guiding sustainability framework;

WHEREAS, training recommended by the Sustainable Design and Energy Committee in TNS over a 6 month period is available for City staff and officials at a cost of approximately $20,000;

WHEREAS, it has been determined that the energy and operational/maintenance savings opportunities in City of Madison facilities and operations need to be measured, analyzed, identified and strategically improved in house;

WHEREAS, City staff will be required to analyze and carry out the energy and cost saving retrofits;

WHEREAS, commissioning and retro-commissioning are proven approaches to identify energy and maintenance upgrade opportunities that provide information on all economic benefits as well as effective systems manuals;

WHEREAS, the Sustainable Design and Energy Committee has recommended that appropriate staff be identified by the Mayor's Office and become trained in commissioning and retro-commissioning in a comprehensive course at a cost of approximately $30,000;

WHEREAS, funds are available in the City's 2005 Operating Budget for both TNS and retro-commissioning training;

WHEREAS, the City shall explore and identify partners to share in this training and cost;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the City of Madison adopt The Natural Step Model for Communities as a guiding framework for the Madison Sustainable City Program.

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