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Kilkenny County, Ireland

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Type: Policy

Status: In effect from 2005 - 2009

Source File:


The arts play an integral role in the life of Kilkenny. From local community groups to micro-enterprises, from solo practitioners to national organisations, Kilkenny has a long history of cultivating and showcasing the arts in its many guises. A high percentage of the population is currently engaged in arts, crafts and design. Creative practitioners have resided in Kilkenny for many years and have provided a rich legacy for the county. Mission statement Strengthen and cultivate the arts sector in Kilkenny support and empower emerging and existing practitioners encourage creativity, innovation and excellence and, Increase community appreciation and participation in the arts

A coherent, dynamic and realistic vision is central to the current and future creative wellbeing of the arts in Kilkenny. Issues such as infrastructure, professional development and training are critical to the future viability of the arts in Kilkenny. The role, funding and ongoing support of the Arts Office itself is also a core issue within this strategy.

This strategy aims to provide an appropriate policy framework to support, stimulate and further develop the arts so that provision and access, participation in the arts and employment and economic return is maximised. A coherent, dynamic and realistic vision is central to the current and future creative wellbeing of the arts in Kilkenny.

Our immediate target audience is the general public + practitioners of Kilkenny, the County Councilors and the Borough Councilors. The attention of the Arts Council of Ireland + other National resource bodies is important to us and we envisage a national general public and practitioner audience also.

Professional, Contemporary, Accessible, Passionate, Motivating and a Valuable Resource

9,000 euros

April / May

The strategy should appear in print, to fit A5 / A4 envelope and in pdf format, website

Notes to be made on discussion with the designers

Kilkenny County Councils Arts Office functions:

  • to develop and co-ordinate artistic activity across the city + county
  • to motivate, inspire and empower practitioners in the sector
  • to encourage and inspire enthusiasm for the arts and to promote it as a valuable, positive and worthwhile activity for all
  • to ensure city and county synergy within the arts by encouraging local arts and city to county events
  • to provide advice, assistance and support for individuals and groups
  • through partnerships and linkages work to bring the arts to a wider community
  • working with educational providers to make the arts a realistic career choice
  • broadening participation through increased audience and practitioner involvement
  • initiating personal and professional development training
  • administration of an annual bursaries and Arts Act Grants
  • Per Cent for Art Scheme- administered with the County Council Architect's Office and in conjunction with the Roads and Housing Departments
  • best deployment of available financial and personnel resources
  • facilitate partnering synergy and skills exchange between groups, individuals and agencies involved in the arts
  • advocacy.

The Kilkenny Arts Strategy which will span the next five year period is a necessary tool for Kilkenny to develop its vision for the future of the Arts within the City and County. This will provide the framework within which the arts can develop and flourish into our future.

Download Kilkenny Arts Strategy 2005 - 2009 (215 KB Adobe Acrobat file)

Download Kilkenny Arts Strategy 2005 - 2009 In Irish (405 KB Adobe Acrobat file)

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