Kansas City, MO Opposing Unscrupulous Lending and Home Improvement Practices

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Kansas City, MO, US

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted on 11/9/00

Source File: Click here

Vote: Unanimous


Supporting the findings and recommendations of the Mayors Task Force on Unscrupulous Lending and Home Improvement; adopting the Task Forces Guiding Principles; and directing the City Manager to use best efforts to promote the endorsement and implementation of the Guiding Principles by the business community.

WHEREAS, in January 2000, Mayor Barnes convened the Task Force on Unscrupulous Lending and Home Improvement to investigate and make recommendations concerning predatory lending and home remodeling practices in the Kansas City area; and

WHEREAS, Kansas City has not escaped an ongoing national trend of equity-rich, cash poor homeowners being the target of unscrupulous lending and home improvement schemes; and

WHEREAS, the City Council recognizes the negative impact and adverse effect of unscrupulous and deceptive lending and home improvement scams in the community, particularly upon the elderly, the poor, and the minority population of the City; and

WHEREAS, the Task Force adopted a proactive approach in addressing this serious problem by attracting the support and interest of several government agencies and community partners, whose overall goal was the revitalization of the Kansas City urban core neighborhoods; and

WHEREAS, among the recommendations of the Task Force are improving financial literacy and increasing awareness through education and counseling, enhancing community resources to combat predatory practices, and supporting new legislation and its enforcement to combat predatory practices; and

WHEREAS, the City Council adheres to the attached Guiding Principles developed by the Task Force and encourages the business community to endorse and adopt the same; and

WHEREAS, it is the intent of the City Council that the City incorporates the Guiding Principles into its business practices by encouraging our business partners to endorse the Principles and implement them in their normal course of business;


Section 1. That the City Council hereby supports the findings and recommendations of the Mayors Task Force on Unscrupulous Lending and Home Improvement and adopts the Task Forces Guiding Principles.

Section 2. That the City Manager is hereby directed to use best efforts to promote the implementation of the Guiding Principles set forth by the Task Force as an integral component of the Citys business practices, and to actively seek their endorsement by the business community of Kansas City.

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