Kansas City, MO Arts and Cultural Tax Abatement Program

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Kansas City, MO, US

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Type: Resolution

Status: Adopted on 7/14/05

Vote: Unanimous

Source File: Click here


Directing the Planned Industrial Expansion Authority of Kansas City to investigate and make recommendations to the Council regarding the creation of PIEA Crossroads Arts area which would support arts uses.

WHEREAS, the creative economy is critical to the future competitiveness of Kansas City in the regional and global marketplace. Kansas City's heritage, arts and culture are integral strengths. They are an economic sector in Kansas City today; they also provide a foundation to the sense of place and creative workforce critical to innovation in other sectors and magnify the attractive power of Kansas City as a location to do business. The creative economy is a hidden economic driver, one that deserves understanding, recognition, and investment; and

WHEREAS, there are areas of our city that are economically and physically distressed and in need of revitalization; and

WHEREAS, the creative economy often seeks out such areas for "arts and cultural uses" in order to take advantage of the lower property costs and rents found therein; and

WHEREAS, arts and cultural uses have often found themselves being priced out, by increased property values and property taxes, of the very areas that they helped make attractive and appealing to other businesses and residents, and

WHEREAS, the Crossroads neighborhood is a dynamic community that has integrated "arts and culture uses" in to the daily lives and activity of its residents, and now finds such uses endangered by increasing property values and taxes, and

WHEREAS, the use of property tax abatement by the Planned Industrial Expansion Authority has proven to be an effective tool in stimulating private investment and economic activity in blighted areas, and

WHEREAS, the Mayor and Council desire to establish and maintain the presence of arts and cultural uses within the Crossroads neighborhood in order to preserve and enhance its economic and cultural vitality;

That the Council hereby directs the Planned Industrial Expansion Authority of Kansas City, Missouri to investigate and make recommendations to the Council regarding the creation of a PIEA area, to provide property tax abatement within the Crossroads neighborhood, with specific emphasis upon arts and cultural uses.

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