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Hollywood, FL, US

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Type: Policy

Status: Established in 1994

Source File: http://www.hollywoodfl.org/html/ArtWork.htm


The Artwork Selection Committee was created in June 1994 to review, select and display appropriate artwork (loaned or donated to the City of Hollywood) for exhibition on the walls of the foyers and corridors of City Hall, at 2600 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, Florida.

The Artwork Selection Committee is composed of eight members from the artistic and cultural community. The Committee’s dedication to excellence is evidenced by the prestigious caliber of work displayed in the Art in City Hall program that continues to provide pleasure and enrichment each year. Their primary objective is to pursue any matters that the Committee may deem necessary, and expedite those matters in order to carry out the mission of the Artwork Selection Committee.

The display of artwork on the walls of City Hall has enhanced the educational and cultural opportunities available to visitors, and has been a positive step toward achieving a sense of pride among our employees and visitors. The members are proud of the contribution they have made to the artistic culture of the community.

The Members of the Artwork Selection Committee would like to take this opportunity to express their appreciation to the Mayor, City Commissioners and City Manager for their continued support and encouragement in the promotion of art and culture in the City of Hollywood.

Mission Statement:
The Artwork Selection Committee’s understanding of its mission or purpose is:

  • To showcase artwork by Florida artists, with an emphasis on area artists
  • To organize exhibitions which serve as an introduction to the diversity of talent among area artists
  • To heighten public awareness of the visual arts in our community
  • To enhance the educational and cultural opportunities available to visitors
  • To beautify City Hall

All Committee members understand and embrace this purpose, having chosen to serve on the Artwork Selection Committee because they have a personal desire to ensure that these goals and objectives are met through this program. The exhibitions organized and presented by the Artwork Selection Committee have been selected with these goals in mind.

Visitors and City employees continue to express a very positive reaction to the aesthetic enhancement of City Hall. The program thus serves to offer additional exhibition opportunities to area artists to reach a non-art audience and to enhance the working and business environment of City Hall.

Art in City Hall:
The City of Hollywood's Artwork Selection Committee invites Florida artists to apply for participation in an ongoing series of exhibitions at Hollywood City Hall. For further information, please see the Art in City Hall page.

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